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The Best Investment: A Business Owner On Writing Her First Business Book

Read an interview with a business owner who shares her experiences in writing her first business book and the success it has brought her since its publication!

If you’ve said to yourself, I’d write my business book if only I had more time, more energy, or knew how to begin or what to do, it’s time to realize there’s a bigger issue at play- that writing a business book is an investment, and by making it, you get to see the pay off personally and in your business both now and well into the future.

Jane Kristoffy, owner of Right Track Educational Services, shares with us her journey writing her first business book and some of the benefits she’s already enjoying as a result!

Jane understood that by doing three key things, she’d join that elite class of business owner who have authored books:

  • Not letting anything get in your way for the short time it takes to write the book (when there’s a will there’s a way!)
  • Surrounding yourself with stories from those who have done it (and lived to tell the tale!)
  • Getting support so you have someone to guide the process and help you stay motivated and productive.

Writers who write books are the ones whose names you come to know, who affect change in their fields, and who are earning the money and respect of peers and audiences (among other fantastic benefits).

So, while it is indeed an investment, it’s one that has enormous pay off- both now, and well into the future.

An Insider’s Look at Writing a Business Book: Jane Kristoffy

woman in black sweater with brown hairJane Kristoffy, BA., BEd., MEd., OCT. is the owner of Right Track Educational Services. She helps kids navigate the challenges of learning in order to find their passion, enthusiasm, and confidence with learning and achieving in school. She wrote her recently published business book, Launch Your Kid: How to Promote Your Child’s Academic and Personal Success (without being a helicopter parent) to give parents tools and the right mindset to partner with their kids in order to ensure they are motivated and geared toward academic success.

Jane took her dream of distilling what she does in her business, the help she provides her clients every day, and the wisdom and insights she’s gained over the years, got to work, and channelled it all into her book.

She shared some insights about her writing process and book-writing journey.

Why did you decide to write a business book?

I wrote my business book for a few reasons: credibility in my field and a new way to generate income.

  • Increase my credibility as an expert in my business space. I believe it was the next step for me in my business as a service provider and expert.
  • Passive income. A book is an accessible price point for any potential client who wants to get to know me and to access my ideas and work or who may not necessarily want to work with me one-on-one. I could sell the book at in-person workshops and as a stand-alone product. The book is also a foundation upon which I can now build an online course academy, which will create more passive income long-term.

What did you discover about yourself from writing your business book?

A new love of writing! As soon as I figured out my own process, it became extremely enjoyable. I learned the different times of the day when I had more productivity and more creativity flowing, and I would work in those time frames. Also the more I wrote in “rough draft” mode, the more easily my thoughts and words flowed.

parenting book cover and on kindle

A nice side effect was I became even more of an expert in my field. I’ve read books, researched articles, and listened to podcasts and videos, and the process allowed me to reflect on my own growth as an educator, entrepreneur, and parent.

What new opportunities have come about since the book’s publication?

The book just came out, but already I’ve been

-a guest on more than half a dozen podcasts

-a contributor to online magazines

-a contributor to the online parent community group newsletters

-guest on video interviews for the use communities.

– I am also arranging speaker events for virtual parent councils, and at the end of January 2021, I was on a morning news program as a guest expert.

What feedback have you gotten from clients, reviewers, and readers?

The feedback has been wonderful! I had to gather reviews for the first couple of pages of the published book from influential experts in my field and community, and their feedback, which I share on the first pages of the book, is great!

I’ve already received a dozen five star reviews on Amazon, and my book has only been on Amazon for one week.

Some of the comments I have received from early readers (in direct messages text, emails, and social media comments) have included: “Great timing,” “relevant material,” “suggestions are easy to implement,” and “the writing style is down to earth.” It feels wonderful to already know people are deriving help and strategies from the book.

silver graphite pencil with shavings on a white background

What have you found has happened since you made the investment in yourself to write this book?

Writing a book is a lot of work. But the rewards are immense in the short and long-term! I look at my book as I do my university degrees: they were a huge investment of time, effort, motivation, and money (and in this case to write, edit, market, launch, and now continue to market the book), but all that work will pay off for many years to come. I am now a published author! This gives me credibility as an expert in my field. It also gives me a source of income in a passive way.

Do you have any inspiring words for would-be authors on the cusp of writing their own business books?

If you’re thinking about writing a book as part of your business marketing strategy, I urge you to go for it! Starting today, do tons of brainstorming of your ideas and the problems you solve for your clients. Slowly an outline will start to appear, and you can begin flushing out the topics with case studies, personal anecdotes, and research.

Best wishes on your first book!


Launch Your Kid: How to Promote Your Child’s Academic and Personal Success (without being a helicopter parent)  is available for purchase on Jane’s website Right Track Education and

Jane Kristoffy is an Educational Strategist, passionate about helping kids thrive, academically and personally. Her mission is to help students find their passions, direction, and unique gifts. Over twenty-five years in her roles as teacher, coach, guidance counsellor, school administrator, volunteer, and parent have taught her ways to encourage perseverance, good work habits, motivation, self-efficacy, and self-advocacy in students  — among other things.

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