Substantive Editing (Also Called Content or Structural Editing)

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Substantive Editing (also called Developmental, Content or Structural Editing) is the editing phase when your editor works intimately with the manuscript to refine, shape, and structure the work for optimum flow of story, development of ideas, character, and plot, and has good ebb and flow of storytelling methods and narrative purpose for a dynamic read.

During this hands-on “sculpting” phase, the editor:

  • adjusts issues of cohesion in plot and character development
  • ensures consistency and development for setting and dialogue
  • shapes the overall structure for coherence, pacing and flow
  • refines the prose and flow of language, crafting the lines to be lean and musical.

After this, your book will be ready for copy or line editing and proofreading in the last steps toward preparing it for publication.

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