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Manuscript Evaluation & Developmental Feedback


for the first 10,000 words

$0.031 for each additional word

Get constructive comprehensive feedback on your developing manuscript to get a clear read on how it’s performing and what specific steps you can take to revise it for publication.

To begin, choose from:

  • Manuscript Evaluation (Short work or first 10,000 words of full manuscript)
  • Developmental Feedback (Short work or first 7,500 words of full manuscript)

Following your purchase of the initial words, please FILL OUT THIS FORM to let us know which level of service you would like and to tell us about your project so we can match you with the most appropriate editor of our creative team.

*All subsequent words beyond the initial 10,000 or 7,500 words will be billed per word in a separate second installment.

After completing a full draft of your book, it’s time to get a professional’s feedback on how it is developing. In a manuscript evaluation or deeper developmental feedback, your editor provides comprehensive notes that speak to all aspects of the project and gives suggestions and implementable strategies you can use during revision.

In a detailed editorial letter, they highlight what is working in your manuscript, identify what the project is showing itself to become, and provide thorough concrete suggestions for tightening, adjusting, and refining to give you a “road map” you can then follow as you serve as the work’s first editor.

  • For fiction, the editor’s focus is on structure, purpose, theme, plot (A and B plots), character development and relationships, setting, prose, etc.
  • For nonfiction, the editor identifies audience and purpose and speaks to structure/development, persona (narrative voice), research, ancillary information/interviews, prose, etc.

No structural or copy editing will be provided as much may change over subsequent revisions at the line level.

Choose from 2 Types of Evaluation

  • Full Manuscript Evaluation

Initial 10,000 words: $450 (1st payment)

Each additional word: $0.031/word (2nd payment, billed separately)

This option is the perfect way to see how your emerging manuscript is coming across. Your editor gives you a full identification of the book’s overall performance, heartbeat, and elements that braid together to make a successful and satisfying reading experience. Their 10-20 page editorial letter offers insight and practical suggestions as to what can be done to bring the book into its next tighter, leaner, and more on-task iteration.

Following delivery of the editorial letter, the writer may have a 30-minute follow-up call with their editor to ask questions and discuss how to implement the suggestions.

  • Full Developmental Feedback

Initial 7,500 words: $450 (1st payment)

Each additional word $0.038/word (2nd payment, billed separately)

This option is for a manuscript that is closer to publication. The process is hands-on as the editor reads the manuscript twice, marking along the way any passages or sections that are unclear, may need adjustment, are fantastic, or could be cut as well as intuiting and determining holistic issues that develop over the course of the book.

Their 10-20 page editorial letter lays out all aspects of the book’s construction and components and provides specific detailed suggestions for how to make those adjustments, which gives the author actionable steps to take during the final phase of revision.

Following delivery of the editorial letter, the writer may have a 30-minute follow-up call with their editor to ask questions and further discuss how to implement the suggestions.

Not sure how many words your manuscript is?
Go into your program’s menu and find “Tools” –> “Word Count”.

NOTE: Following your purchase, please fill out THIS FORM, or we will be in touch to determine which level of evaluation you would like and to learn more about your project to match you with the most appropriate editor from our creative team.

Next Steps:

After you have your feedback, begin the revision process with your editor by your side an hourly basis for guidance, support with brainstorming or story development, accountability, additional editorial guidance, and editing. Such collaboration makes the work much more targeted and productive, and helps keep you on track.

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