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Free Writing Downloads

Sometimes all you need is some help to get started ...

We know that often the hardest part of writing is the beginning. Whether you’re struggling to create a daily writing habit or need some help organizing your project before you dive into the first page, by subscribing to receive these free helpful downloads (and our creativity mini-course) you will see exactly how to begin. 

notebook stack of books driven to write online course
Driven to Write: A Field Guide to a Writer's Creative Mind

Free Creativity Mini-Course

Learn more about what drives your creativity and the tools that can help you achieve a daily writing habit. This mini-course is designed to get you to tap into your best writer energy in a focused way that will allow you to do your best work, whether that be your first novel or your PhD dissertation.

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Novel Planning Workbook

Determine the 4 Key Elements to Your Book to Hit the Ground Running!

Begin your novel by first getting clear on four primary aspects of your book, Knowing these will give you the freedom to create, take risks, and tell your story best! 

fiction editing sheet
Fiction Developmental Self-Editing Checklist

Leave No Story Stone Unturned

You don’t need to be a trained editor to revise your own work- or at the very least to be the first editorial line on it—especially with our handy checklist to help you hit on all the points!

notebook and stack of antique books
Nonfiction Book Editing Checklist

Be the First Editor on Your Nonfiction Book

This checklist is like having a literary fairy godparent by your side reminding you what in your nonfiction manuscript to look for, how to make adjustments, and what to expect as you transform your work.

stack of memoirs
Plan Your Memoir's Foundation

A Bit of Preparation at the Top Makes Writing Your Memoir a Lot Easier

You know your story well, but turning it into a narrative for your readers is a feat of skill and creativity. By pausing to define some of the important elements at the start, you will be able to proceed with much more confidence.

stack of books with stuffed animal
Writing Resources for Parents

Whatever It Takes, You Will Write

Together with our partner organization Pen Parentis, we’ve created a handy resources sheet of kid-friendly residencies, time-keeping apps and tips, books and articles, and much more ~

business book planning workbook
Business Book Planning Workbook

Your Business Book Is Not Far Away ...

This comprehensive workbook will help you organize your business or self-development book and get started! Define your book’s purpose, audience, the “why” and much more ~

Friends & Family Book Promo Pocket Guide

Tell Your Near and Dear How to Help you Spread the Word of Your Upcoming Publication!

This customizable pocket guide lists easy-to-perform tasks your friends and family can do to help you promote your newly published (or soon-to-be-published) book. 

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