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Nonfiction Book Proposals

the most important part of your nonfiction book project

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When you’re ready to look for a literary agent or approach an independent publisher with your nonfiction project, you’ll need to submit a proposal.

A nonfiction book proposal is a comprehensive document built on a number of elements: 

• Overview of the project (including page-count, its layout/format including illustrations)
• Intended audience
• Titles of competing books and how your book fills a gap within this area
• Table of Contents
• Chapter by chapter summaries
• Three sample chapters
• Potential for marketing and publicity
• Social media opportunities
• Author qualifications and credentials

Our nonfiction editors will be happy to work with you throughout all the stages of creating this important document–from early stage guidance of each element through the editing—so you can get your book in the door and into the right hands.

Many nonfiction book authors fear the dreaded proposal, having heard how vital it is that it be a spot-on representation of the project, include the exact specs to be appealing to an agent or publisher, and define the scope and purpose of the work so vividly as to represent it in full.

By partnering with a writing coach and editor, you can get insights on best practices for your nonfiction book proposal that will give it the best chance to find the right publisher who will see your vision and the merit of your work.

Getting Started

Depending on whether you are just starting with the proposal, require it to be copy edited, or you’d simply like an editor to do a once-over proofread to make sure it’s clean and ready, choose the block of time you’d like to begin with below:

5-Hour Block


3-Hour Block


1-Hour Block


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Manuscript Evaluation & Developmental Feedback

If you've already written a first draft of your proposal and want to get an editor's first thoughts on the flow, pacing, and tone (as well as on your outline and sample chapters), a manuscript evaluation is a perfect way to start.

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Editing Services

A well-edited manuscript is one that gets noticed. Make sure yours is powerful, showcases your ideas clearly, has no errors and is authoritative and strong.

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Consultation on how to get traditionally published will help you keep calm and organized during this challenging process.

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Courses & Programs

Consider your next project and write it in 4 months in one of our book-writing programs for novel, memoir, or business/self-development books.

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