The Blogshop: A Self-Guided Course for Small Business Owners & Writers


Unsure how to begin blogging? Can’t find the time? In 6 lessons- delivered straight to your inbox- you’ll generate up to a year’s worth of material that will bring sales & boost your business!

You know how blogging is an incredibly powerful way to grow your visibility, reach, and sales.

If you’re not blogging regularly either because you don’t know how to start or can’t make the time, this course is the best way to jumpstart your process!

In 6 short lessons, with videos, prompts, and exercises, delivered to you by email, you will learn:

  • Why blogging is vital for increasing your site’s visibility
  • The ways in which regular blogging establishes trust and a personal connection to your business and books with your existing and new audiences
  • How to shift your mindset to embrace blogging as part of your daily business operation
  • Prompts and infrastructures for always having topics and blog types
  • Proven strategies for generating incredible new material
  • Revision methods and copyediting practices
  • Proofreading and how to get the support you need

You can get a professional writer to write your blogs for you (at about $125/blog*) OR you can take this course and emerge a stronger more purposeful blog writer– and with enough material to get you up to a year’s worth of blogs!

*an approximation of the going rate for blog writing

Get informed, learn to enjoy serving and engaging with your clients and customers, and gain valuable writing skills and acumen in this short self-guided course.

Jumpstart your Blogging and Boost Your Business with The Blogshop at One Lit Place!

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Hello, Entrepreneurs and Writers!

Here’s the thing: you know you should blog, of course. You may even know exactly how and why blogs measurably benefit visibility and sales. 

But either you’re swamped, don’t like writing, or simply can’t or don’t make room for blogging amongst everything you have to do even while knowing that nowadays, having regular blogs is considered part of your regular business operations.

Here’s the other thing: You also know that your competition will continue to take your share of the marketplace until you nose in and begin (and maintain) a blog. That you can advertise until you’re blue, but it’s not until you step in with your voice, personal perspective and particular authority only you can provide that you will establish an intimate connection with your customers, clients and readers- and that such a personal connection is what ultimately leads to sales.

So, what are your blogging options?

Outsource it!

    • Always a viable option. Many people outsource the things they don’t have time to do or don’t want to do; however, at approximately $125-$200 per blog from a reputable writer who will understand and embody your brand, voice, and company goals, that habit may not be sustainable for everyone.

Advertise through other channels

    • Social media or other alternative methods (live talks, podcast, word of mouth, Google ads), are valuable ways of reaching new audiences. Once those names are on your list, though, how will you connect with them at a personal level so when it comes time to buy, you’re the business or writer they think of first and want to support?

Give over to blogging

    • Perhaps it’s time that you recognize you can become the person who engages with her customers and clients in a personal way, hunker down, and let this comprehensive 6-part self-guided course inform, shift, and prepare you to be the small business owner and writer who takes on connecting with audiences as a regular part of your business– This option is economical, empowering, and quite fun (if I may say so myself!).

Stick with me, and we’ll get you blogging painlessly, with minimal effort, and get your business growing in no time!

Course Overview

Through videos, lecture, exercises and prompts, you will go through the how and why, ways to approach blogging with verve, and get to work writing.

  1. Lesson 1: How blogging boosts your visibility and overall business reputation
  2. Lesson 2: Key reasons to shift your mindset away from blogging being a drag to wanting to blog
  3. Lesson 3: How to prepare your blog process with prompts & anchors
  4. Lesson 4: 3 easy strategies for getting your first draft to flow
  5. Lesson 5: Revision methods and best practices for structuring the blog
  6. Lesson 6: Proofreading, copyediting & the importance of support

What You Get with the Course:

Each fun, lively, informative lesson comes with:

  • Lecture
  • Videos
  • Resource links
  • A comprehensive 20-page printable/fillable workbook of exercises to get you churning out new work and generating blog drafts.

Course Outcomes

The Learning:

You will gain a firm awareness of how critical it is to blog, develop an appreciation of the process through a new perspective, and learn implementable strategies for writing, revising, and editing your own work. You will develop a newfound energy and skill set for blog writing that will carry your business and brand into a whole new level of audience engagement, growth, and sales.

The Takeaway:

At the course’s end, you will have 1 (or more) full blogs, 5 additional powerful openings/drafts, and enough material and blog topics to take you through a year’s worth of postings or more!*

(at 1 blog/month)

5-star testimonial the blogshop one lit place

Why is The Blogshop Valuable?

Ultimately, you know how it feels to “need” to do something you “should” do but not do it. Every day, it becomes yet another thing that is unknown and therefore overwhelming and easier to put aside than deal with.

This course alleviates that guilty feeling and brings you a whole new benevolent perspective to the process. By embracing blogging, you’re claiming ownership to who you are as a writer and business owner, stepping into the light where you can share yourself and create trust and connection, and gain valuable writing skills that you can use for everything you write- blogs, web pages, essays, articles, creative work, speeches, even emails.

This course with its learning, skill-building, and productive outcome- leaving you with a year’s worth of material at its end- PLUS the discounts on courses and coaching/editing services, is an excellent value.


If you take the course and find it didn’t work for you, we will refund your registration amount in full. 

Community Connections

A key part of the course is the community connection you get with other blog writers. One Lit Place provides two ways for you to meet up with other bloggers so you always have support, people to grouse and celebrate with, and beta readers (fellow writers who will read your drafts).

1) The Blogshop Collab is is a private group open only to those writers who take this course. Get and give help to fellow writers and business owners, share drafts, and enjoy knowing others in your community have your back.

We also have our private group One Lit Place Writers Lounge where writers  from around the world chat, share ideas, and exchange resources.

2) Got a blog “posse” already? Contact us and we’ll set you up in a dedicated secure private conference room, where you can share your work and connect via chat or video at any time.

Ultimately, you can continue to not blog …

or in 6 short but powerful lessons, you can empower yourself to take over your share of the audience, establish essential personal connections with your readers, and gain a valuable skill set as a writer as well as always have strategies for writing to fall back on during your busiest times.

By the end, not only will you have become someone who fully understands- and even extols the virtues of regular blogging to yourself and others- you will have enough blog material to take you through 6 full new blogs, and a handful of topics and more writing to get you through even more.

Enroll today to begin your blogging journey!

The Instructor- Jenna Kalinsky

I am a writer, editor, writing instructor, and the founder/principal of One Lit Place. I have been a creative and academic writing instructor for nearly 20 years, teaching at Teachers College, NYC, University of Toronto Scarborough, Humber College, Western University, where I redesigned the Continuing Studies Creative Writing program, and privately before creating One Lit Place: a writers’ center where anyone who writes can receive education, support, and community from anywhere, and on any schedule.

I love writing and helping other writers see their own work and process through fresh eyes in order to arrive at clarity and purpose. The Blogshop was born out of my own process as a small business owner. In learning about the power of blogging in today’s market, I want to help other small business owners and writers best reach your audiences– and enjoy doing it!


How does a “self-guided” class work?

After you sign up for the course, you will receive each lesson by email- sent straight to your inbox- every 3 days.

A self-guided course is designed so you can take it on your schedule and engage with the materials as you see fit- if you liked Lesson 2, you can watch the videos again. Hated Lesson 3? Never give it a second thought. The course is yours in perpetuity to refer back to any time.

Is The Blogshop tax-deductible?

If you are a small business owner or professional writer, yes, absolutely! Save your receipt and submit it at tax time as a “Professional Development” cost.

What if the course doesn’t work for me?

This class was in development, construction, and testing for a very long time in order to make sure it was applicable to writers and business owners, offered up-to-date information about the best practices and technological aspects of blogging, and would be delivered in a format that makes it easy to access. The primary goal is for anyone who writes to derive inspiration, learn, and walk away with useable blog material.

If you find, however, the course was not of benefit to you, no problem at all- it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Please be in touch, and we’ll refund you in full.

What other resources or editing support do you offer?

Our customized one-on-one writing coaching and editing support sustains writers working in creative, academic, and business fields. If you are working on a project, would benefit from having someone on hand to guide and educate, or simply need another pair of eyes on your work, we’re here for you. Please visit our Writing, Coaching, and Editing Services page to see more.

Be in touch any time to see how we can best help you achieve your goals!

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