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Become a featured author on our Book Club Recommended Reads list and get you out in front of a whole new audience of readers and sell more copies of your books!

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Grassroots marketing efforts are key for all book authors to get your work in front of as many readers as possible. (You can see a comprehensive list of different tactics you can undertake in our article, “The Book Marketing List You Need to Market Your Book“).

While other efforts may help you sell books as one-offs, attending book clubs (either virtually via Zoom or in person) is a fantastic way to sell several copies of your book at once while developing a relationship with those readers, who then go on to recommend you and your books to others.

Here’s another resource that will make you see how valuable you are to a book club! “Why Book Clubs Matter to Authors.”

Becoming a featured author on our Our One Lit Place Book Club List instantly gets your name and book in front of a new audience of book lovers. It’s an effective one-stop shop!

What Comes With Being a Featured Author on the Book Club Recommended Reads List:

  • Your name, book title, images, and links to your website will be placed on the One Lit Place website on a designated page “Book Club Recommended Reads
  • Your name, book title, images, and links to your website will be included in our newsletter (2,400 subscribers)
  • The Book Club Recommended Reads list will be posted on all of our social media channels
  • Instagram (800+), Facebook (1K+), LinkedIn, and X (1,800+)
  • You and your book will be highlighted in 1 social media post on all of our social media channels
  • (Optional) if you make a promo video of yourself explaining to book clubs why you’d like to join them, we will share that as a second social media post

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Benefits of Being a Featured Author on the Book Club Recommended Reads List

  • Our writers’ center is highly regarded as a boutique business that specializes in serving writers in personal ways (you can see our 5.0 star rating on Google here with over 70 reviews). Aligning with us shows the reading public that you are a writer of note and have been vetted and approved by an organization that takes writers’ craft, art, and practice seriously.
  • A link to your website from ours supports your SEO (back links from reputable sites to your site increases your ranking in web searches)
  • Tapping into new audiences or other organizations’ audiences is a fantastic way to increase your reputation, visibility, and sales.
  • Personal recommendations: Book clubs are a one-stop opportunity to sell a number of copies and to develop a personal relationship with the members. People who read love to share books they’ve enjoyed and by by extension, authors with whom they’ve connected (it’s currency to say you’ve spoken with the author of a book!) Personal recommendations always bring about other opportunities for sales and engagement.
  • Online Reviews: if you feel it is appropriate, you may ask the book club members to review your book on Amazon and Goodreads. New 5-star reviews are highly beneficial for increasing your book’s ranking and visibility on these platforms.

Book Club Recommended Reads Featured Author Terms

  • When you become a featured author on the Book Club Recommended Reads list, you must commit to making yourself available (virtually or in person) to book clubs interested in hosting you (within reason) for that season. If you are unable for a specific date, you agree to find a mutually feasible alternative so you may attend. If a book club contacts you outside of your list’s designated season, it is at your discretion to attend.
  • You agree to practice good visiting-writer etiquette regarding connecting with the book club to make arrangements, showing up on time and prepared for questions, and following up afterwards with a thank you. *You may ask the book club to leave your book reviews on Amazon or Goodreads if you feel it is appropriate.
  • It is suggested that you offer the book club a small discount on your books, where possible
  • It is suggested that you offer a “Book Club Reader Guide,” which is a prepared list of talking points relating to your book. This guide gives the book club an anchor conversation to follow and you the opportunity to prepare what you’ll speak to regarding the book’s themes, characters, and plot; your writing process; your publication journey; and etc.


To see an example Book Club Reader Guide, SIGN UP HERE to receive the guide from Thea Sutton’s The Women of Blackmouth Street.

Thea is one of our excellent writing coaches and editors, and she has created a wonderful book club reader guide you can use as a model for your book.

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