About One Lit Place

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One Lit Place is a full-service writers’ center that provides writing, coaching, and copy editing services, online writing courses, and a secure online Writers Lounge where writers meet, chat and share ideas at any time, and from anywhere.

Founded in 2016, One Lit Place gives writers the opportunity to receive education, get specific support with their work and writing process, and exchange ideas with writers of all levels and interests from around the globe– all under one virtual roof.

  • Writing, Coaching, Editing, and Mentorship help creative, academic and business writers at every stage of their work- from inception through publication and beyond.

  • Creative Writing and General Writing Courses are offered both online and in real time, making them an excellent way for writers to grow, share their work, and engage in a community of peers as they build their skills and portfolios. Seminars address a variety of needs from website building and content to issues of writing craft, to business writing tips.
  • As you would find in the lounge of a bricks and mortar writing program, our Writers Lounge is a private gathering space where writers talk about their work, the writing world, get help and guidance. Also free and available to everyone are our Community Resources on the site, where we offer continually updated resources, educational materials, and writing prompts.

Please consider donating a small amount to help us continue to provide quality content and valuable programming to writers. We’re grateful for your support.


Everything a writer needs can be found at One Lit Place: education, assistance, and connection with working writers around the world. Writing must be done alone, but we derive necessary energy from our peers; we produce best when we are supported.

Jenna Kalinsky, Founder and Principal of One Lit Place