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Publishing Consultation

get your work over the finish line and into the public eye

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After all your sweating and striving, your work is finally ready to be submitted for publication.

In this last important phase, you can work with a seasoned writing coach to get publishing consultation and support to:

  • find appropriate literary journals, agents, and/or independent publishers
  • correctly format your pieces based on submission guidelines
  • create, maintain and update a database as you send out your work and receive acceptances/rejections
  • create dynamic cover and query letters, a nonfiction book proposal, and sample chapters
  • discuss and implement marketing strategies once the book is available for sale
  • get help with marketing efforts (upon request) for a newsletter, print materials, and social media graphics and written content
  • organize and create ancillary materials to spread the word of your book’s publication: website content, off-shoot e-books, website lead magnets, readings/talks, workshops or courses, and more-

Nowadays, breaking into traditional publishing (even if you’ve been published before) can be a lengthy and demanding process. It may take months or even years to place your work with a reputable literary agent or independent publisher (we’ve all appreciated hearing how long it took for JK Rowling to find a home for Harry Potter (and when she finally did, after being rejected by 12 publishers, it was a begrudging acceptance at that!))

When you have a writing coach by your side during the submission process to help keep you calm and organized, brainstorm options, and help customize and edit your submission materials, it is an investment in your future.

They’ll also help you once your book is slated for publication with marketing materials, promotional opportunities, and next steps in your writing career.

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