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Grateful November Sale

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The writing you do is meaningful, important, and makes the world a better place. Persevering throughout everything that tries to interrupt, separate, and dissuade you from your writing is what sets you apart and makes you a hero.

We need our writers: you are our humanity, our opportunity to see the world through a new lens, and our chance for repair.

This November, to show our gratitude, you can begin writing or keep up the good work, and save 20%

November 21-27, 2023

4-Month Mentored Book Writing Programs

FYI: Due to a technical situation, to purchase any 4-month book program at the discounted rate, please use this coupon code at checkout: Write20olpGrNov2023

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Write Your Novel in 4 Months Program
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Write Your Memoir in 4 Months Program
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Write Your Business | Self-Dev't. Book in 4 Months Program

Online Courses (sale prices listed on the purchase page- no code necessary)

Cultivate your creativity with our 31-day habit-forming course or hunker down and get serious to help your business flourish by learning the ins and outs of blogging in our 6-module online course.

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Cultivating Creativity: How to Start and Sustain a Writing Habit in 31 Days
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The Blogshop: For Small Business Owners & Writers

Personalized Writing Coaching and Editing (5-hour block or 3-hour Introductory block for new clients) Sale price listed on the purchase page- no code necessary

Get guidance, insights, editorial feedback, and accountability with our personalized writing coaching and all levels of editing. Great for ensuring you’re sending out your best, clearest, and cleanest work. 

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Personalized Writing Coaching
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20% Off

Our 4-month Mentored Book Programs, Online Courses, & Writing Coaching and Editing Hours. From November 21-27, 2023

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