Write Your Memoir in 4 Months Program

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Write Your Memoir in 4 Months Program

Writing a memoir is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful things you can do–for yourself and for your readers. Yet numerous components to writing a book-length project come into play on a daily basis: knowing and applying writing craft and skill, intuiting the best structure and organizing principle for the work, and accountability and scheduling to ensure you get the writing done even on the days when it’s hard.

Ask any writer who managed to stay the course and complete their book what got them through, and every one will say the same thing: personal guidance and support.

Our Write Your Memoir in 4 Months Program provides hands-on mentorship, guides you through the writing with step-by-step guidance on the craft elements that make up memoir, and puts you on a clear custom-designed schedule that accommodates your lifestyle, so you are able to successfully write your book from start to finish– and in only 4 months. 

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The Write Your Memoir in 4 Months Program 3-Step Framework Includes:

  • Personalized mentorship & contact with a thriving community of peer writers
  • Lessons that support you with the craft and development of your memoir 
  • An easy-to-follow custom-designed writing schedule & accountability tracking

If you’ve been wanting to write your memoir for a long time, and haven’t been able to make yourself start- or stick it out to the end- the support, infrastructure, resources, and insights of this program will make sure you do.

Your Stories Matter. 


Choose from Three Tiers of Mentorship

The program is available in three different mentorship tiers, so you get the support you need.

Weekly Mentorship

Get the maximum support, guidance, and tailored insights and resources with weekly mentor meetings. This relationship- very much like the traditional writer/editor relationship- enables your mentor to truly get to know you and your project, so they can best support you through your challenges with strategies, accountability, and tools that will bolster your feelings of agency, confidence, and productivity.

If you have limited time and energy, being able to regularly lean on your mentor for support is a great reassurance,  and the continuous conversation, brainstorming and suggestions are motivating and inspiring.

Bi-Weekly Mentorship Program

Get the same personal mentor connection as the Weekly Mentorship option but spaced out so you meet every other week. This mentorship option ensures you’re still supported and nurtured but at a lower program cost.

This flexible option is for the self-motivated writer who would still benefit from the intrinsic one-on-one support of a dedicated literary writing coach & editor.

Independent Program

This self-guided tier is a wonderful option for the writer who is highly motivated and self-starting. Peer writers in our online Writers Lounge are a fantastic resource for advice, talking through issues, and discussing any issues that arise during the work.

This peer support along with the lessons’ advice and assignments, resources, and individualized writing schedule will ensure you successfully complete your book draft.

Plus, if you find you’d like to consult with a mentor for brainstorming, structural advice, writing tips and strategies, and more, you’re welcome to purchase hours on an as-needed basis at any point during your program (at a discounted rate).

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Learn More About the Memoir Program Mentor Levels!

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Key Features of the Program: All Levels

• Mentorship & 24/7 Interaction with Peer Writers

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Mentorship Program: At the end of your initial trial week, you’re matched with the most appropriate mentor from our Creative Team. Use your 30-minute meetings to discuss your process and talk through issues of the story or its development, and get resources, insights, and writing strategies to help you keep going.

In your private team on our editors’ platform, you can also ask questions, ask for help, or reach out for any reason to get support.

All Program Tiers: Having 24/7 access to our private Facebook group, the One Lit Place Writers Lounge, means you can always reach out to fellow writers, an invaluable resource for discussing the writing life, asking for help, or sharing in the experience of your work.

• Comprehensive Education in Memoir Writing Craft, Pertinent Issues of Nonfiction, and the Construction of a Narrative

Over the course of 20 program lessons, you’ll be guided through establishing a strong foundation of the book, outline best practices, phases of writing a memoir, how to handle specific sticking points when dealing with real life, and gain deep insight on plot, character, structure and more.

You’ll also learn how to manage your mental and emotional space, strategies for holding your focus, and staying the course over the long term.

Each lesson is available in the secure password-protected Member Area of One Lit Place. Along with the text and video lessons are also suggested additional readings, resources, and downloadable files.

The lessons are designed to inspire and provide new ideas to all writers, from emerging to seasoned professional. Your mentor is on hand to provide further information or discuss concepts as they relate to your book.

• Daily Writing Schedule

Each participant in all program tiers receives a custom writing schedule. Follow it this way:

      • Write 3-4 pages a day * (a page is approx. 250 words)
      • 5 days a week
      • For 4 months

and you will emerge from the program with a 240-320-page manuscript.

*Note: every writer’s schedule is unique. Upon registration, you will be asked a series of questions to help us create a custom schedule that works for your exact needs. 

During the Free 7-Day Trial:

  • Lessons 1-3 prepare you and your process. Determine foundational issues, writing process, and overall story approach for your memoir. Lessons include video, text, worksheets, and micro-assignments
  • Lesson 4 explores a variety of memoir openings + it’s your first scheduled writing day
  • Beginning Week 2 you move into weekly lessons, your mentor meetings, accountability tracking, and writing schedule!

People like to talk about wanting to write their memoir, but only those who have someone by their side to champion them, nudge them forward, and provide them with the tools they need to carry on end up writing their books.

It’s your time to write yours.

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