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Write Your Business | Self-Development Book in 4 Months Program

distill your thought leadership into a book to affect the greatest change

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Business owners, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and nonfiction writers: every day you change your clients’ and customers’ lives by providing them with new tools, skills, and information; by supporting them as an authority on your subject, and by being a change maker in your field. 

Providing your services or information on the ground is only going to grow your business and reach so far. Writing a business book, however, delivers what you do to the broadest audience and affects the greatest change—for your business and for you. 

The most effective way to grow your business, increase your income, and boost your reputation is with a business or self-development book. 

The issue is time, which you don’t have.

Adding yet another major project to your already stretched workload is difficult to do on your own. Even if you’re aware that having a
 book to your name is the #1 best way to grow your business, reach, reputation, and sales, it’s very difficult to embark on and fulfill this kind of comprehensive project. 

Most entrepreneurs or busy thought leaders who push writing a book off for when their schedule lightens up never get it done. 

Our Write Your Business or Self-Development Book in 4 Months Program is designed to help the busiest of business owners get the first important draft of your book down, so you ultimately have a publishable, saleable book to change the course of your work forever.

You bring your unique perspective and insight, your experience and authority, and your drive and determination to meet your audience’s needs, and we provide a clearly designed framework that step-by-step helps you funnel your ideas into the design and creation of your book. 

Not having to consider the how, when, why, and what is a relief. Being given all you need and guided through making the writing happen guarantees a predictable outcome: a complete draft of your book. 

What Is the Program?

Our Write Your Business | Self-Development Book Program with its clear infrastructure of accountability, writing craft, applicable insights and resources specific to your project, and defined writing schedule ensures that in 4 months, you will get a completed first draft of your book. 

(Then, once you have the all-important first draft, we’re here to help you all the way to publication)

Why Do You Need a Program?

You can try to squeeze in some time on your own and look for supports and resources on your own, or you can sit back, focus on putting your world onto the page, and let us streamline and fast-track the process, so you successfully reach this important milestone in your business and thought leadership.

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The program’s framework:

  • Continuous personalized mentorship
  • Step-by-step instruction for how to build the book and best practices in writing craft
  • A defined progressive 4-month writing schedule

The book you’ve been wanting to write, the one that will 
boost your reputation amongst clients and peers, bring in new business, enhance people’s lives, and positively affect your bottom line is within reach. 

Choose from two options:

Bi-weekly mentorship

Weekly mentorship

Enjoy the full program framework and meetings every other week with your mentor (4 hours total).

Get the maximum support with the full program and weekly mentor meetings (8 hours total).


Bi-Weekly Mentorship

$197/month (for 4 months)

Weekly Mentorship

$289/month (for 4 months)

How It Works

  • Your Mentor: From the moment you enroll, you’re asked questions in order to help us pair you with a mentor from our Creative Team who will become your partner, resource, and guide for the program as well as available to sustain you once the program is over through the revision and editing and publication.

    Your mentor will hold your goals in mind as you go through the 4 months, checking in with you during your meetings on your progress, answering questions, brainstorming issues of your draft, talking through developmental options, and keeping you feeling clear-headed when things get hard (and they do!) Between meetings, any time you need encouragement or have a question, your mentor is always within reach via live online chat. 

  • 18 Lessons: Beginning right away, you will receive detailed lessons by email that will walk you step-by-step through the design and details of your book’s draft.

    The purpose of the program is to usher you through that first draft so you can throw all your ideas down in order to be able to tidy them up into a cogent and readable book later.

  • Your writing calendar: your calendar will reflect what you should be achieving each day and serve as a marker and guide for your writing progress. It can be customized if you need to take time off, want to adjust your page goals, or want to hunker down and fast-track your progress.

What if you’re not quite at the point where you’re ready to write a full book or you feel you need to plan a bit more before starting?

Answers to Your Questions

  • The Weekly program comes with weekly 30-minute virtual meetings with your mentor + live chat as needed (8 hours total) | the Bi-weekly program comes with bi-weekly meetings with your mentor + live chat as needed (4 hours total)
  • 18 comprehensive course lessons plus additional resources and readings
  • Customizable writing schedule (adaptations available upon request)
  • Downloadable workbook, sheets, resources, and guides
  • 24/7 access to a private team in our editors platform

Straight away, you will be asked a series of questions that will help us pair you with the most appropriate mentor who specializes in nonfiction. The criteria are based on their area of specialization, availability, and personal attributes to help you enjoy a lasting relationship that will carry you through the program and beyond! 

The program lessons are sent to you by email. By the end of the first week, you will be invited to our editors’ platform (Ringcentral) where you and your mentor will meet in a secure private team. There, you will receive your accountability sheet, custom writing calendar, and any files your mentor shares with you or that you upload there. You may wish to have your mentor meetings via Zoom or over the phone, and you can always reach your mentor for questions, quick conversation, and scheduling meetings in your team’s live chat.

Absolutely. The program takes you through the emotional and intellectual process of writing a book by providing insights and writing craft that you can apply directly to your manuscript. In this sense, you will learn by doing and can see the outcome of your effort straight away, which is highly motivating. If you run into any hiccups, concerns, or challenges, your mentor is right there to give you tools to overcome them: serving as a personal guide and safety net.

The “set-it-and-forget-it” aspect of the program may be appealing to the more seasoned writer insofar as you won’t have to think about when to write, how to manage your time, or what techniques to use to generate the first draft. It’s a relief to have someone else drive, and in this case, you’d have your mentor there to answer higher level issues, review some of your pages, or serve as a collaborative partner.

If you feel the program is more than you need, however, our hourly personalized writing coaching and editing relationship may be more suitable to you, so you can use your mentor when and how you need them most.

There’s no time like now to leap in and know that in only 4 months, you’ll have a book draft in hand!

This program is designed to usher you through your first full draft if you’re starting from the beginning. 
In such a case, the revision and editing would begin typically once your ideas, persona, and overall scope of material are already in place. Then your mentor will be happy to continue the personal relationship and work with you to help prepare the manuscript for publication, then discuss how you would like to see your book meet it readers (traditional publishing or self-publishing) and other marketing options.

If, however, you’re using the program to write a second draft based on extensive notes, want to use the framework of the program but prefer to use your mentor for editing, or have other needs, your mentor hours are yours to do with as you wish, and they will talk to you about how they can best support you.

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Looking for more details about the Business | Self-Development Book Program?

Having a Book Will Change Everything for You.
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Bi-Weekly Mentorship

$197/month (for 4 months)

Weekly Mentorship

$289/month (for 4 months)

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