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Personalized Writing Coaching

work with an experienced publishing professional to bring your writing to life

Advice, insights, and accountability: personalized writing coaching is a well-lighted path to publication

When you collaborate with a writing coach who clears your path with insights and strategies, normalizes the ups and downs of the process, and gives you resources and editorial suggestions to help you prepare your drafts for publication, it makes an enormous difference to your feelings of agency, motivation, and confidence in your writing and in yourself as a writer.

Our personalized writing coaches and mentors partner with you in the ways that help you write and feel buoyed and productive—on your schedule and in ways that enhance (and alleviate!) your life.

Beneficial for all writers

Personalized writing coaching helps you focus, produce new work, refine projects, and forge new inroads as a writer and a published author.

Enjoy having a dedicated literary partner either for regular support and growth or on an “as-needed” basis. 

In a relationship tailored to you, they’ll help you brainstorm ideas or give editorial feedback on your developing work, hold you accountable with micro assignments and deadlines, and ensure the pieces you’re sending out for publication are clean, lean, and ready.

The comfort and confidence that come from such a partnership result in a boost in productivity and will inspire you to enjoy your writing and do your best work.


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5-Hour Block


3-Hour Intro Block


1-Hour Top-Up Block


Some of the types of work writers do with their coaches:

  • Discussion and development of writing practice and goals
  • Personal support and guidance
  • Brainstorming & story consultation
  • Assistance with early drafting
  • Design infrastructure for writing process and create writing schedule
  • Manuscript Evaluation & Developmental Feedback
  • Business or Nonfiction book proposals for submission to agents and publishers
  • All stages of editing (substantive editing, copy and line editing, proofreading)
  • Editing for essay, thesis, dissertation, and academic papers
  • Personalized publication strategy development
  • Individualized grammar instruction
  • Publication consultation and support (submission materials, advice on publishing, marketing strategies)

How Is Our Approach to Personalized Writing Coaching Unique?

We recognize and respect that every writer has specific needs and scheduling requirements while at the same time the desire to achieve their writing goals that can range from achieving a feeling of personal satisfaction to becoming a New York Times best-selling author. 

Commonly, people believe they must take courses or workshops or attend an MFA program, whose strict requirements and schedules make them untenable for many people.

We exist because we want it all and recognize that one should be able to having their busy life, a family, and responsibilities while still achieving their publishing goals. These things should not be  mutually exclusive.

(You can see how we work as an ideal “MFA Alternative” in my comprehensive article: “MFA Alternative: The Best Option for Busy Writers”)

We Find Creative Solutions to Help You Write and Publish

What makes this relationship so effective is all of our writing coaches are editors, allowing you to smoothly attend to both the coaching for you and the editing for your projects- often within the same session. 

Schedule regular meetings with your coach to keep accountable and invite consistent progress, connect on an “as-needed” basis to focus on your projects, or do a combination of both.

Nothing fast-tracks your production and feelings of agency more effectively than being personally and uniquely supported.

Other ways we help writers

revision pages with handwritten notes

Manuscript evaluation

A deep assessment of your work is always a fantastic way to begin a revision

clipped manuscripts in a pile


From early-stage structural editing to last stage proofreading

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Moving into your writing as a business, we're here to help you develop a plan and see it through

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4-Month Book Writing Programs

Different from the elastic coaching relationship, our 4-month programs usher you through your first draft with complete support

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