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Referral Benefits Program

Refer Your Friends and You Both Get Rewards!

Do you have friends, family, colleagues or fellow writing group members who could benefit from the services we offer writers? 

We love personal referrals and deeply appreciate it when you share what we do. Our referral benefit program makes it so your goodwill also helps you do more great work with us!

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How Referrals Work

If you are a current client and someone you know signs on for their first block of time, both of you benefit:

  • They receive 15% off their first block of 5 hours or 15% off their first month of a 4-month mentored book program
  • You receive a free hour that you can put toward writing coaching, editing, or editorial feedback.

Think of what you could do with a free hour with your favorite coach or editor or try out a member of our team with a different specialty! You never know what great work can happen in that amount of time. 


Simply direct the person to contact us by email or phone and mention your name. 

Or if you’re a social person and would like a custom coupon code you can share online far and wide, just contact us, and we’ll send you one. Then every person who buys their first block of 5 hours online and uses the code gets the discount and you get a free hour.

It’s that easy!

Ready to Become a Client?

Boost your skills, gain clarity, increase your productivity, and get editing help on your manuscripts so you can publish.

When you’re ready to take your writing to the next level, reach out for a FREE consultation.

Looking for a Referral Code?

If you’re ready to sign up for your first 5-hour block or one of our highly productive 4-month mentored book programs and are looking to save 15%, check out our private Facebook group, The One Lit Place Writers Lounge.

In our secure positive space, you can talk to other working writers of all levels and interests and ask around to see if anyone has a referral code to share! 

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