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writing coaching and mentorship, online writing courses and programs, editing, copywriting, and publication support.

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Personalized Coaching & Mentorship

Get personalized support with your creative, business and academic writing at every stage- from early inception and brainstorming to publication help and planning-- and everything in-between.

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Full Service Editing

Developmental Editing, Copy editing, and Proofreading performed by an expert editor ensures your manuscript is clear, purposeful, and correct so you're submitting your best work for publication.

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Courses & Programs

Learn, grow, and produce great work in our online courses and 4-month book-writing programs. The guidance, insights, and support you receive ensure you are successful (and generate loads of new work).

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Copy Writing

When you need to have content written for you, from business documents to speeches to blogs for your website (fine-tuned to SEO specifications), we're happy to step in and write the copy you need.

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Publication Support

We'll help you get across the finish line with all your submission documents or a beautifully formatted book for self-publishing. A beautiful author website, help with marketing materials, and more will help your work get far.

Our Writing Community Pages

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The Writers Lounge

Join our dynamic virtual common space, where writers have safe, private access to other writers from around the globe. Get and give help, create a small critique group, or just hang out!

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FREE Resources

Looking for writing and publishing resources, some new inspiration, or educational videos on writing craft and practice? Our Resources are available to all writers. Don’t see something you’re interested in? Let us know! We’re always happy to provide new information to our community.

What Kind of Writing Do You Do?

Support for you in the ways you need—from concept to publication and beyond.

With One Lit Place, you’ll find everything you need to establish a thriving writing practice, produce quality work, and remain motivated, inspired, and grow– all under one roof.

You have enough to manage on your own, but when you get personal support tailored to the work you do and your schedule and goals, it makes a tremendous difference to your feelings of confidence and ability to produce your best work.

Whether you work in creative, academic, or business fields, we’re here to help you with all the writing you do. 


Have a look at the many ways you can get what you need to do your best work!

We are here to help you make all the writing you do a reality.

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