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"Practically perfect in every way." Mary Poppins

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Prior to being submitted for publication or distribution, all writing must be reviewed by someone other than the writer to ensure it is razor-sharp, fluid, and free of errors. A clean, beautifully-presented manuscript will always ensure the ideas look their most competent. We leave no comma unturned.

One should never, ever, under any circumstances, send out work for review, or publication without having it vetted by a proofreading professional first.

A clean, clear, and well-presented manuscript, website, blog, or social media post always gets noticed first and ensures people take you– and what you do– seriously. Your reader may not be trained in the art of grammar, but they will know when they are in the presence of an authoritative writer. Your attention to detail and command over your sentences will make them feel comfortable and give them the feeling that they are in capable hands.

Alternatively, clunky wording, misused grammar, or incorrect punctuation can undermine your authority and come at a cost.

(Imagine a job interview: a highly skilled applicant enters the room. They have a doctorate, two masters degrees, and three patents to their name. They run marathons and volunteer at the local animal shelter. But if they come in the room unkempt, with lunch in their teeth or dirty fingernails, the interviewers will not only think twice about hiring this person but will be dismayed and put off by the shoddy attention to their presentation. No matter how capable this person is and what contributions they would make to the organization, that first impression harmed their chances of being hired.

Package your writing like it matters to you, and it will be well received!

How Proofreading Works: 

Our editors are trained in the art of grammar, punctuation, and syntax as well as the overall flow and feel of a line and paragraph. They read the work aloud to catch every possible error with their eyes and their ears. 

Proofreading is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your writing. Even a quick once-over of your draft can protect your authority, ensure your work is seen and regarded highly, and maintain your high standard of competence in your work.

Next steps:

Your manuscript’s next leg of its journey is just beginning! It is ready to be sent out for publication or distribution. If you’re aiming for self-publishing, it’s ready to be formatted and uploaded to the online bookseller platforms or for a print-on-demand service.

First, let's make sure you're in the right place:

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3-Hour Intro Block


1-Hour Block


Feel free to purchase an initial block of time below, or contact us directly, and we’ll get you started by sharing a proposal, client agreement for your approval, and an invoice for your first block of time. 

Following your purchase, we’ll soon match you with your editor and invite you to meet with them in a private team on our editors’ platform. There, you can upload your files and share any notes or thoughts about the work. 

We are happy to proofread any manuscript for any type of writing. If there are errors that are beyond cosmetic, your proofreader will pause the work and let you know that either the work should be copyedited professionally prior to the proofreading, or for lighter copyediting issues, they may do a hybrid copy edit/proofread. This hybrid level of edit is commonly a more budget-friendly option that can still yield a very clean and readable manuscript.

If your work has been professionally copy edited, the proofreading will move quite quickly (an average rate of speed is about 12-15 pages per hour). If your work was not copy edited or your proofreader needs to make a number of adjustments, their rate of speed will be slower.

If you would like to begin with an overall project rate that is as accurate as possible, your editor may proofread for anywhere from 1-3 hours. Based on their rate of speed, which they will multiply across the full manuscript’s pages, they will be able to give you an approximate dollar amount you can anticipate for the work. *These initial hours of editing are a paid service.

All time your editor spends either consulting with you or working on your manuscript is billable. Your time is recorded in 5-minute increments, so you only pay for the time used, and your timesheet where your editor tracks your billing is always available to you so you can see where you stand. If you prepay for a block of time and your editor completes the work or you decide to stop work, any remaining pre-paid time will be refunded less applicable payment processing fees. 

After you contact us and we get you signed on, we’ll invite you to join a private team in our editors’ platform. There, you can upload your manuscript in Microsoft Word, so your editor can make changes directly on the manuscript. 

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5-Hour Block


3-Hour Intro Block


1-Hour Block


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