You are judged based on how you present yourself, and your writing is an extension of you. Throwing something onto the page simply to get it to your audience quickly may seem time efficient, but without another person proofreading your work, even one jarring sentence, clunky working or grammatical flaw can undermine your authority.

A clean, clear and well-presented manuscript, website, blog, and social media post always gets noticed first and ensures people take you– and what you do– seriously.

Our editors are trained in the art of grammar, punctuation, and syntax as well as the overall flow and feel of a line and paragraph. Even a quick once-over from our team can protect your authority, ensure your work is seen, and maintain your high standard of competence in your work.

Please be in touch any time to see how we have your back- so you always come out in front.

Rate: $110/hr.