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Our Community Writer’s Lounge


where creative, business, and academic writers gather

cafe with black banquettes and wide curved windows

A writer’s home away from home

In our free private Facebook group, The Writers Lounge, writers of all levels and interests connect, collaborate, exchange ideas, and network.

When you’re part of a safe diverse group, your writing life is invariably richer and more fulfilled. Plus, you can have access to your fellow writers — from anywhere, and at any time.

The Writers Lounge’s secure virtual space gives writers unlimited access to a wealth of networking and work sharing opportunities, and the intimacy and connection of having a community of peers at your fingertips.

  • Get and give help
  • Ask questions about grammar, writing craft, technology, books, you name it!
  • Connect with other writers as beta readers or to share your manuscriptsThe options for connecting with your fellow writers are up to you!

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