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Your Professionally Formatted Book for Self-Publishing

Let us format your novel, memoir, or nonfiction manuscript into a beautiful and professional-looking book that's ready for the shelf!

The perfect solution for the self-published author

The benefits of being a self-published author are many, namely that you get to maintain all of the creative control over your book. Some of the elements you must handle on your own, however, are best left to a professional, and the interior formatting of your book is definitely one of them!

A beautifully—and correctly—formatted book will be taken as seriously as its traditionally published peers, but one that looks DIY will not.

Leave the technical work to us: we will format the interior of your novel, memoir, or nonfiction book for e-book and print, plus upload it to the various online platforms (or help you do it), to ensure you have an elegant, professional-looking book ready to meet its readership!

Our book formatting service includes:

  • Format the manuscript for Amazon KDP (e-book), Amazon KDP (print), and Smashwords (e-book aggregator for all other* e-book sales platforms). Formatting for print-on-demand outlets available upon request.
  • Upload the formatted book and cover (not provided) to your accounts for you or assist you over Zoom, so you may upload the files yourself.
  • Other support billed hourly may include assist with creating accounts with the various online platforms, adding images, tables, and/or charts, and other forms of consultation or coaching.

*except Barnes & Noble, who use a proprietary software

Choose from:

E-book Amazon KDP

Manuscript formatting & upload to Amazon KDP platform

Introductory Rate: $360

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Best Deal | All-in-One: E-book & Print Amazon KDP & E-Book Smashwords

Manuscript formatting & upload to Amazon KDP for e-book and print and Smashwords for e-book

Introductory Rate: $865

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E-book Amazon KDP & Smashwords

Manuscript formatting & upload to Amazon KDP and Smashwords platforms

Introductory Rate: $560

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Print-on-Demand (platforms vary):

Manuscript formatting for print-on-demand outlets

*upload assistance available as an add-on (hourly rate)

Introductory Rate: $240

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Print book Amazon KDP

Manuscript formatting & upload to Amazon KDP Print platform

Introductory Rate: $480

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Book Formatting & Uploading Add-ons

  • Assistance with opening and setting up accounts (via Zoom)
  • Adding images, charts, tables, and graphs
  • Additional consultation


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  • After you purchase the book formatting service(s) you require, we will send you formatting instructions and a short questionnaire, so you may share your formatting preferences for book size, font, header and chapter layout, etc.
  • If you require additional help with images or charts or have other specifications, you can let us know then as well.

One Lit Place Book Formatting Terms and Conditions

Our Book Formatters

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headshot of Astrid Supcito-Low

Kathy Bosman divides her time as a sub-editor for a local community newspaper, editing for Pandamoon Publishing, writing, and freelance editing books and formatting them for publication in addition to having worked as an editor for Clean Reads. She has self-published two hybrid memoir/self-help books and several romance novels with small e-book publishers and currently preparing to self-publish her more recent romance novels. Her poetry was recently chosen for Sweetycat Press’s The Jewels in the Queen’s Crown, a selection of poems and prose selected by a jury from several Sweetycat Press anthologies.

(Coming Soon) Astrid Sucipto is a digital marketing and communications tech expert whose mission is to make digital marketing easy for small business owners. With a focus on building lead generation funnels, she helps with the setup of landing pages, drip emails, online courses and general email marketing. By doing this work for small business owners, she frees up their time which allows them to focus their time and energy on strategy, revenue and growth. 

We are always happy to chat about your writing, your goals, and everything in-between. Feel free to book a free, no-commitment consultation with us any time!