Our Authors’ Publications

Marianne Scott

Marianne is the author of four novels: Finding Ruby Draker, Shadows in the Aftermath, Reinhardt, and Underneath the Fireflies. She lives in Ontario, Canada. Editor: Jenna Kalinsky

Carrianne Leung holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and Equity Studies from OISE University of Toronto. Her debut novel, The Wondrous Woo (Inanna Publications) was shortlisted for the 2014 Toronto Book Awards. Her short story collection, That Time I Loved You (Harper Collins) was published in 2018. Editor, Jenna Kalinsky

Phil Eastwood served as a police officer for over 35 years in London and Canada. He earned his Masters of Art in Leadership and Training (MA) and became a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). He began telling daring tales of detectives to his children around the campfire, and now crafts tales of murder, mystery and suspense. Editor, Jessica de Bruyn

Julie Larade, Cape Breton author and retired elementary school teacher, draws from her Acadian roots in her writings. Her first novel Laura’s Story, a work of historical fiction was published in November 2014. In June 2020, Julie published To Fly Again, a continuation of Laura's Story. Editor, Jenna Kalinsky

In 2018, Julie published Lazare le détective: Un cadeau and its English version, Lazarus the Detective: The Gift, and in March 2020, Lazare le détective: Une quenouille dans les grenouilles and its English version, Lazarus the Detective: A House in the Mouse. Editor: Jenna Kalinsky

Tim is the owner of award-winning Cream Ridge Winery, in Cream Ridge, New Jersey. Editor: Krista Foss.


Anna Hall is an author, pastor, consultant and coach who loves superhero TV and movies almost as much as she loves travel and church. Editor: Elen Turner




Dr. Stilley is Professor of Philosophy and Theology at JPCatholic. She has an MA and PhD in Philosophy from Marquette University with a dissertation on natural law theory, a Masters in Theology from University of Dallas, and a BA in Philosophy from Northern Arizona University. In addition, she has over 10 years of international teaching experience, including at Conception Seminary College, Beltei International University, and Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia. Editor: Karen Quevillon

Anthony spends his non-writing time watching his kids play sport, travelling, and teaching drama and English at the local high school. He also tries to play hockey, rather unsuccessfully. When he gets stuck for ideas, he runs around Paris, Ontario, where he now lives. After focusing on creative non-fiction pieces for many years, Tess is his first novel. Editors, Krista Foss and Sally Cooper 


Tamika is a psychotherapist in private practice, award-winning social worker, counsellor, emotion code practitioner, and meditation teacher trainer. Former university instructor, school social worker, and co-founder of DevaTree Wellness, Tamika has explored the ethics of truth-telling with students from around the world. For over three decades, she has created and facilitated numerous trainings and programs, certifying hundreds of yoga and wellness leaders. Editor: Karen Quevillon

Chukwudi Eze

Chukwudi Eze is an architect who graduated with triple-honours and a Phi-Beta-Kappa from Vasar College, received the William Kinne Award during his Master’s Degree from Columbia University, New York and studied creative writing at the University of Toronto. His novel, The Return of Half-Something, was shortlisted for the ANA Prose Prize. Editor: Jenna Kalinsky



Zoe Asher


Zoe Asher is the author of Choices, a four-book series. She divides her time between New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and the cobblestoned little nooks of Greece and Southern France. Editor: Jenna Kalinsky


Tony Clark

Tony Clark has been a professional magician for over 30 years. He has worked as a magic consultant for numerous hit television shows such as USA TV’s “Monk”, FOX TV’s “House MD”, ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters”, Disney Channel’s “Suite Life On Deck”, and most recently NBC's "The Good Place". You can see more about Tony at his production company, Tony Clark Productions. Editor: Jenna Kalinsky

Lianne Hill

Lianne is a community organizer and volunteer; an avid world traveller; and she loves to play as much tennis and golf as is physically possible. Lianne and her husband Paul divide their time between their home in Toronto and their country retreat in the Caledon Hills, along with their two dogs, Scout and Coco. Lianne and Paul look forward to family dinners and travelling adventures with their three young adult children. Editor: Sally Cooper


Chuck Currier

Bio forthcoming. Editor: Krista Foss



With over 20 years in business accounting, Melissa Houston, CPA, CGA, is a money coach, founder of the She Means Profit blog and podcast, and is a regular contributor at Forbes and Entrepreneur. Her book, Cash Confident, will be released in Spring 2023 by Post Hill Press. Editor: Jenna Kalinsky


Judy Haveson

Judy Haveson is a Texas-born New Yorker whose debut memoir will be released late September 2022. Her work can be seen in Your Teen magazine and Next Avenue magazine. Editors: Amy Ettinger, Shasta Grant



Cori is an internationally acclaimed composer and producer and the creator of “Global Shifts” and the Super Me! Empowerment Programs. Editor: Jenna Kalinsky


Kit Flynn

Ordinary Mary is a lively narrative non-fiction book on the life and times of Mary Loretto Flynn (1904-1977). After her difficult childhood in Ottawa, Mary’s family moved to Pembroke, Ontario where, despite her best attempt to be ordinary, she had an extraordinary effect on thousands. Kit lives in Ottawa, Canada. Editor: Krista Foss

Ryan Manucha

Ryan Manucha is a Frederick Sheldon Fellow, Harvard University, and holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and a B.A. in Economics from Yale University. Ryan is a widely published author on interprovincial trade. He lives in Toronto. Editor: Krista Foss



MIchelle Tang


Michelle has contributed to anthologies Professor Charlatan Bardot’s Travel Anthology to the Most (Fictional) Haunted Buildings in the Weird, Wild World, Handmade Horror, and Mothers of Enchantment, among others. She has a novel forthcoming and lives in Ontario. Instructor: Jenna Kalinsky



Miriam Ticoll and Naomi Frankel


Nonfiction writers Miriam Ticoll and Naomi Frankel are writing partners; this is their first collaborative chapbook. Editor: Krista Foss

Maria Tzanis


Maria’s Song, her first book which she self-published, is based on lived experience.  A survivor of past trauma, an artist, poet and storyteller, Maria’s own dark night of the soul, took her on an inner spiritual journey back to her own divinity. Editor: Jenna Kalinsky


Richard A Valicek


Richard is an award-winning author of the Dead Path Chronicles 3-Book Series and the Alamptria series. He lives and writes in Canada. Editor: Jenna Kalinsky


Short Fiction, Op-Eds, and Nonfiction Articles & Essays

Academic Books & Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Forthcoming ...

  • Truthaches, Friesen Press (Forthcoming), Tamika Schilbe