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Category: Book Marketing

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The Book Marketing List You Need to Promote Your Book

Regardless whether your book is published by a mainstream publisher or you’re self-publishing, you will need to undertake the bulk (if not all) of your book marketing yourself. Getting your book into reader’s hands is a multi-faceted long-term project, but the result pays for itself in increased visibility as a book author and far greater sales! Use these lists to keep track of what you need to do and when to do it to enjoy the greatest success.

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The Best Marketing Strategy for Writers: Create a Giving Circle

Doing good things for others does marvels for the self as well. Not only do you derive physical benefit, you also create a kindness loop or “giving circle” such that the recipients of your benevolence will want to do the same for you. Extending yourself to fellow writers with small gestures that help them with their marketing will invariably come back to help you as well. When you’re publishing your work, the best strategy is sometimes the nicest one: do for others and know that others will do for you.

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Why Self-Publishing Is the Best Solution for Today’s Author

Traditional publishing used to be the gold standard, but now for many authors the benefits of self-publishing outweigh those of traditional publishing—by a lot. With self-publishing, authors maintain control over the book and its outcomes, earn far higher revenue, and determine the fate of the work, their reputation, and the volume of sales. Treating your book like a business with you in the driver’s seat is an attractive option, making self-publishing the best solution for today’s author.

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Book Clubs Are Powerful for Women Writers

The long tradition of women gathering to discuss books — as writers and readers— has saved the novel, making it one of our top art forms, for which the women of the hundreds of thousands of book clubs worldwide are very grateful.

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Need To Blog Better? Help Is Here With The Blogshop

With limited time, you need to maximize your blogging to benefit your business. Fortunately if you feel you need to blog better, help is here with the blogshop, our online course to help you learn the best way to blog and get you solid material to start with-

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