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Writing, Coaching & Editing Services

After meeting with various coaches, I chose to work with Jenna due to her vibrant personality, superb literary knowledge, and ability to communicate to me what I needed. Jenna has taught me how to be a better writer and really connect with my audience. I love my coaching calls with Jenna! Highly recommend.

One Lit Place has given me the accountability and framework I need to write my business book — without feeling overwhelmed or lost! I'm grateful for the help and world highly recommend.

You’re amazing at supporting writers.  Thank you so much!!!  I can’t believe it’s been a year – so much has grown and developed in that time.

I have been so impressed with the services I have received through One Lit Place. The wonderful and warm owner, Jenna Kalinsky, took at least 45 minutes with me to have an initial telephonic consultation to find out more about my writing project, expectations, and past coaching experiences, so that she could pair me with just the right writing coach, and she did not disappoint! She paired me with Krista, who has been absolutely amazing! Krista has been providing me with encouragement, assistance with plotting my novel, but also with detailed feedback on my actual writing, which has allowed me to improve the way I construct scenes, increase tension and depth, and allow for much richer character development. The combination of having telephonic coaching sessions and also having Krista read my chapters and provide me with written feedback has been something unique that I hadn’t found with my previous writing coach. I would highly recommend One Lit Place to any writer who is looking for effective, personalized writing support.

My deep and sincere thanks to you. You have helped me shape this story exactly the way I wanted it and more! I am overjoyed.

I have immense respect and love for Jenna Kalinsky, my teacher, my mentor, my editor, and a great friend. This novel would not have been written without her holding my hand and sharing her keen passion for the craft.

If it wasn’t for your encouragement, it [my novel] certainly wouldn’t be as far along as it is. So thank you for your support and honesty. I truly wouldn’t be able to do it without you. You’re an inspiration to me.

One Lit Place has been amazing with their engagement with my work and instrumental in advancing my writing through their editing and coaching services available. I highly recommend this organization if you are looking to improve your writing skills and be treated with the utmost kindness and respect through the process. It has honestly been such a pleasure and positive experience to elevate my writing through One Lit Place.

I feel so fortunate to have Jenna as a writing coach. Initially my son took private creative writing lessons with her and loved working with her. Jenna has her way of making one feel so at ease and comfortable that one feels adventurous and energized to write and to tell stories that would have kept untold. Before taking lessons from Jenna, I had started working as an academic, and writing had always been an essential part of my work. But the pressure to publish was so great that I felt so stiff and intimidated; the more stressed I got, the more fear I felt about writing. Jenna’s lessons on creative writing, on the surface, seemed to have nothing to do with academic writing, but I soon learned that they were more than pertinent to my work. It’s all about experimenting and having fun with words; it’s about taking on a certain authorship, having control, setting a certain mood, and showing a certain perspective to your reader. After taking some classes, I have found my relationship with words has changed drastically—I don’t fear about them as much and have learned to play with them for muse. I think the best thing Jenna has done is to help me find my inner child who is fearless in re-creating and improvising, knowing that it is in trying out comes my best work.

Courses, Workshops & Seminars

“Thank you for a very stimulating course. The workshop was so supportive and attentive at every level - couldn't ask for better! Feedback was thoughtful and extensive throughout, and I enjoyed and appreciated all the wonderful readings and viewings that were curated for us. The articles were thought-provoking, the stories and poems superb, and the piece of slam poetry out of sight! I've already downloaded everything for my permanent reference files."

I wanted to let you know how valuable I found the session yesterday, and also express my gratitude. I am already looking at my content and approach in a different way, and this is having positive reverberations though all my business content and structure. I said that my business is about helping my clients complete their necessary organizational work in a more streamlined, efficient and effective manner, and in one morning you have already done that for me as your client. Thank you and I look forward to the next opportunity to experience these results through your knowledge and guidance!

I am indebted to my writing mentor and friend Jenna Kalinsky. It was serendipitous for me to wander into her creative writing class and find my way. Jenna has always beens supportive, firm and passionate in her guidance. Her commitment to the craft has inspired me to be a better writer.

Wow, Jenna. Wow. The price of admission to this workshop is worth every sentence of your feedback. Your advice on pacing and flow hits the mark and the metaphor of a marathon really is perfect. Not just here, but in other feedback you really are teaching us as a class lessons that can be used in all our writing. Thanks for your nurturing, thanks for your cold eye and tough love, thanks for your prodding, thanks for your teaching, and thanks for creating a workshop environment that is inclusive yet kept us from being overly judgmental or cynical. Thanks for creating this forum created for sharing.

I have taken two workshops at One Lit Place, both of which I found supportive and inspiring. With Jenna’s gentle and expert guidance, I really feel I have grown as a writer. I particularly admire Jenna’s unique skill in attracting other kind, knowledgeable and insightful writers who are equally willing to share their time and thoughts to help each workshop member grow.

The Intermediate course has been exceptional for both content and critique, not to mention the calibre of everyone taking it. I've been motivated, have learned from everyone, and now look forward to focusing primarily on getting those revisions done and carried through the rest of the novel. I'm going to miss logging in several times a day just to engage with everyone.

Jenna, thank you! Honestly, your presentation was one of the best seminars I have ever attended.....anywhere.....ever. You hit on all of the things that we wanted to know, and then went on to include a whole lot of things that we needed to know, but didn't even know we needed them - if you catch my drift. Not only that, but you also managed somehow to present all of that helpful and inspiring information in such an entertaining and down-to-earth way!

“Jenna’s relaxed, humorous style of teaching put me instantly at ease. The classes are well thought out, each one building from the class before. Her feedback is smart, insightful, and considerate (although, god forbid, you use a cliché). This gave me the confidence to take risks with my writing that I never thought I could take. Her Intermediate Writing Workshop helped shaped the book I am working on now. Her sureness in my writing inspires me daily to be a better writer.”

“Thanks so much for your feedback and guidance throughout the course! I took the intro to writing through Humber with you three years ago and that’s what got me writing again after 20 years. Now I can’t stop so I’m very grateful!”

“Thank you for all of your support. You have a wonderful way of challenging and inspiring us.”

“Just wanted to send you another big thanks for Saturday’s workshop. The women were thrilled with the session which I am sure you know because they didn’t want to leave!”

“Jenna, this was a very positive experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the learning and being stretched and challenged.”

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