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Nowadays, it’s not recommended that writers engage with their audiences; it’s required. Having a vigorous online presence through social media marketing is the key way writers generate interest in themselves as a “brand” and in their work.

With so many books on the market, whether you’re signed with a large publishing house, working with an independent publisher, or self publish (or you are considering one of these publication methods), you need a platform– the tenants that identify and set you apart as a writer– and to toggle between the various media to engage and grow your audience as well as create potential opportunities for promoting your work such as readings, speaking engagements, and book clubs or school visits.

The twist in all of this investment in your audience and its growth is it takes time- time you need to spend writing.

Let our Associate Social Media manager step in to help.

She will develop a personalized plan for you that gets your voice and personality out into the world, establish your presence and “brand,” and help you build and grow a social media following. If you require a website (a vital part of a writer’s online presence so audiences can find you!), she will assist you with building and maintaining your site- or renovating an existing site- as well.

Strategy Development:

  • Initial free consultation to help determine your platform as an author
  • Create social media accounts and pages (if necessary)
  • Develop a personalized checklist for social media upkeep & growth
  • Provide navigation instructions to allow you to take over the accounts at any time (upon request) 

Content Optimization:

  • Create, source, and schedule consistent content for all desired social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Manage and post online blog content

Community Management and Growth:

  • Monitor all social media and manage online communications, ensuring a fast average response time
  • Integrate specific strategies to promote the growth of your audience and reach
  • Create targeted calls-to-action to encourage audience engagement

* Please be in touch with your current needs to help us determine which services are right for you and how we can get started in reaching your goals.

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Pascale Potvin Assistant for One Lit Place at onelitplace.comPascale Potvin, Associate Website Designer & Social Media Manager

Pascale has provided design and/or social media management for One Lit Place, MagneTree Books,  Money-Ready, and other private clients. She received her BAH in 2018 from Queen’s University. She has fiction featured in New Reader Magazine, The Writing Disorder, and Underwood, plus a film in distribution by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. 

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