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Get the personalized support, guidance, and confidence you need to achieve all of your your creative, academic and business writing goals with our One Lit Place writing coaching, copy editing, proofreading, and copywriting.

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Professional Editing, Writing Coaching, & Copywriting Services

When you’re supported by a writing coach and editor with brainstorming, accountability, guidance, and professional editorial savvy, you make huge strides in your productivity and feel confident and motivated.

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Self-Guided Online Writing Courses

notebook and pen on wooden table for One Lit Place writers' centerFREE Mini-Course
Driven to Write: A Field Guide to the Writer’s Creative Mind

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white keyboard, coffee, and pad of paper with pen on wood tableThe Blogshop: Self-Guided Course for Writers & Small Business Owners

Grow your audience, boost sales, and establish your authority in your field (plus generate enough material to last you a year!) in this 6-part self-guided online course.

blue notebooks, reading glasses, espresso and black moleskin on wood table for creativity courseCultivating Creativity: How to Start and Sustain a Writing Habit in 31 Days

In only 1 month of daily lecture, videos, resources, and a comprehensive workbook, you’ll get inspired, energized, and a huge portfolio of new work.


Our Community & Writers Lounge

Enjoy resources, educational materials, and writing prompts in our Community Resources area, and enjoy spending time with working and emerging writers from around the globe in our secure online Writers Lounge. 

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Headshot of Jenna Kalinsky owner of One Lit Place writers centerAbout One Lit Place

One Lit Place: a full-service writers’ center was created by Jenna Kalinsky, who is the owner and principal. From her many years of working with authors of all levels and genres in the classroom and privately, she has experienced first-hand how writers see the greatest growth and productivity when they are supported personally and professionally by a coach and editor. Such a collaboration makes writing more meaningful, grounded, and affirming.

To best serve creative, academic, and business writers, Jenna has assembled a team of incredible writers and editors skilled in providing both personalized support to help make the writing process pleasurable and effective as well as editorial insight on all forms of writing, whether with constructive comprehensive feedback on a developing project, substantive copyediting, or proofreading for correctness and readability. Every one has a MFA or PhD in writing and literature, are published authors, and boast years of experience in working with writers of all levels to help them achieve their goals.

Our writers’ center offers in-depth self-guided and interactive online writing courses as well as an online Writers Lounge where writers from around the world connect to share ideas, talk shop, or simply hang out with others who understand. It’s this feeling of being supported- all under one virtual roof- that makes One Lit Place a place truly for all people who write.

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