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How Long Does It Take to “Write” a Book?

Writing a book can take a short specific period of time or go on forever, depending on the writer’s definition of what “writing a book” entails and whether they get support to see them through. Find out how long it takes to write (or write) a book and see what you need to get yours written, too ~

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How This Entrepreneur Turned Her Business Book into a Profitable Online Course

When Holly Hagan, a medical copywriter, set out to write her book in our Write Your Business | Self-Development Book in 4 Months program, she didn’t know that by not finishing her book, she would be powerfully influencing the trajectory of her business, the lives of her clients, and her own life. The success she is experiencing now is entirely due to what she did instead.

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Update Your Website to Maintain Your Business’ Circle of Life

After all the sweat, struggle, and salary you invested to build and launch your website, you may be looking forward to ticking it off your to-do list and moving on to something else, but now is time for just the opposite! For a website to remain healthy and be a thriving support system for your business, it must be updated—and continuously. You want to write new content and regularly update your website to maintain your business’ circle of life.

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