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Verisimilitude: Why It’s Important to Get Your Story Facts Straight

You work hard to capture your reader’s attention, but errors in fact can cause them to lose their faith in you as the author and walk away from your story. Versimilitude is key to arresting your reader and giving them the best environment in which to sink into your work. Read on to learn why it’s important to get your story facts straight and how to avoid missteps with your writing.

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The 14 Ways Your Writing Inspires Others

Writing can be challenging (an understatement!) so it’s easy to lose sight of how your writing, both the act of creating the work and the work itself, inspires other people. These 14 compelling ways writers inspire others, along with a challenge to inspire someone with your writing today, will help you feel strong and keep your writing going strong!

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Do You Need to Copyright Your Book?

Many writers think that they should copyright their book as soon as the manuscript is finished. After all, you spent months or years working on it, so before showing it to anyone, it should be protected, right? Yet copyrighting your book isn’t the best way to go in all cases. Read on to find out what you need to do to protect your work, and whether you need to copyright your book.

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Need to Keep Your Kids Busy? Write a Scavenger Hunt!

Little fills a parent with more dread than knowing you’ve got a stretch of time ahead when your kids will be unoccupied and bored. Rather than succumbing to hours of screen time, write them a scavenger hunt instead! When you need to keep your kids busy, writing them a scavenger hunt engages them in fun, action, and problem-solving, and you get to flex your creative muscles as a writer and as a parent. Scavenger hunts are win-win, and below you’ll see several examples you can use as templates for your own kids!

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When Is It Time to Call Yourself a Writer?

Have you ever wondered at what point in your writing journey it is time to call yourself a writer? It’s not clear cut like it is in other professions because unlike those who get their titles right away, writers have to earn theirs. To know when it’s time, you can use 3 criteria. Meet those, and you’ll know you’ve finally joined the ranks of idea makers and creatives.

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Sharing Food Through Stories: The Power of the Memoir Cookbook

The trend with the modern cookbook is to fuel the soul and stomach of the reader in equal measure. They do this by braiding together the two genres of cookbook and memoir. The result is an intimate and embodied reading experience that enhances our humanity along with new appreciation of the cuisines that have enriched and informed the authors’ lives. And, as a result of them sharing the food through story, enriching and enhancing our lives as well.

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