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Cultivating Creativity: How to Start and Sustain a Writing Habit in 31 Days


This Hands-On Habit-Forming Change-Your-Life Writing Course Is the Perfect Way to Jump-Start or Re-Energize Your Writing
(for you or for someone you love)!

Get to know yourself as a writer, improve your skills, gain confidence on the page, and have fun being creative. In one month of daily writing, you will feel lighter, more connected to your thoughts, and emerge with a large body of new work that may lead you somewhere wonderful!

Through lessons on writing practice, resources, videos, exercises, and lots of writing tips—all delivered to you by email—you can enjoy expressing yourself and embodying a whole new habit- as a writer.

These 20 minutes/day will be the best investment you can make in feeling whole, energized, and empowered.

Now’s the time to channel your creative self into a writing practice.

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Are you ready to be a writer but not sure where to start?

Or are you feeling dehydrated and tired with your writing and could benefit from a healthy boost of creative energy?

Whether you’re looking for a great way to kick-start your writing practice, or you need a serious creative pick-me-up, this 31-day highly engaging online course is an excellent way to do it.

Cultivating Creativity: How to Start and Sustain a Writing Habit in 31 Days turns creative people into writers and brings the writer in you back to life.

This online course– delivered to you each day by email– takes you through a month of daily writing practice with lessons, videos, resources, excerpts, and the support and guidance you need to to see a whole new confidence, approach, and lifestyle emerge.

The outcome? New skills, increased confidence, an embodied response to developing a writing habit, and a portfolio of new writing that will become rich early drafts of short stories, a novel, a screenplay, poetry, and more.

Why Is This Particular Course Valuable?

While you can take a writing course or workshop, attend a conference, or hunker down for a session at a writing residency or with other writers in November for NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month)—all of which are excellent ways to juice up your creative energy and get you moving in a productive direction—those situations don’t always happen when you need them.

You could also read any number of books on writing craft, and should!, but their guidance and teachings remain theoretical without becoming a physical and embodied part of your life.








The best part is you can begin any time- and because it’s delivered to you by email every day, you can (and will be encouraged to) find your optimal writing time to take part in the lessons and writing each day. Those 20-30 minutes a day become your time to develop as a writer and see your thoughts emerge on the page.


In 31 days, you’ll have developed a daily writing habit that will become part of your life and an important part of who you are.


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Course Overview


Every day for 31 days, you will be guided through how to begin your writing habit, ways to establish it, and how to sustain it for the long haul.

Beginning Day 1, you’ll receive a lesson with instructional materials, videos, resources and readings, and writing prompts. Every other day, you will receive a lesson, and on the alternating days, you’ll receive a writing prompt, which will give you some breathing space between the lessons to absorb and apply what you’ve learned to your writing and the opportunity to focus on your work.

What You Get with Cultivating Creativity

Each lively informative lesson comes with a variety of learning tools:

  • Lecture
  • Videos
  • Resource links
  • Suggested readings
  • Daily writing prompts & exercises
  • A comprehensive printable/fillable workbook
  • A fillable calendar

Course Design

  • Part I: Gears you up with a healthy mental state and strategies to approach your new habit
  • Part II: Gives infrastructure and frameworks to ensure you are supported and your writing happens
  • Part III: Provides methods to help you adapt your lifestyle to support your writing habit

Course Outcomes

In the Short Term:

– Recognition That You Have Joined a Rich Literary Tradition & a Community of Peers: 

You will learn what professional writers do in order to get themselves in the chair, stay there, and see success as a result.

– Shifted Mindset & Adapted Lifestyle: 

You will walk away from this course bearing a whole new way of thinking about yourself as a writer and how you can continue to make room in your life for your writing habit. Whether you’re a corporate professional, academic, entrepreneur, or creative, bolstering and enhancing your writing skills will benefit you in myriad ways- for your whole life.

– A Healthy Portfolio of New Work:

The writing you will generate during this course will provide you with ideas, openings, topics, and gems of lines to use as you go forth and ultimately put your writing into fiction or nonfiction forms of personal essay, short story, novel, memoir, and more.

In the Long Term:

When you have finally made it to the other side from all the sweat, toil, and time in the chair, you can relax. You own this now, and with your daily practice and the newfound habit of writing, you’ll get to call yourself a writer.

The Boost You Need to Do the Writing You Want to Do~

Taking charge of your life in a way that is enriching and deeply satisfying (plus in a way that will yield so much material that will ultimately become publishable stories, chapters, etc.) is one of the coolest, most exciting ways to live.

When you are finally living the life that gives you so much fulfillment, you will feel the value of this experience in full.



If you take the course, participate in it fully, and find it didn’t work for you, we will refund your enrollment fee.


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Community Connections: The Writers’ Lounge Online

A key part of the course is the community connection you get with other writers. Come into our private Facebook group, The One Lit Place Writers Lounge, where writers  from around the world chat, share ideas, and exchange resources.

Joining this group ensures you always have support, people to grouse and celebrate with, and beta readers (fellow writers who will read your drafts), which is very handy for when you take all your material you generated during this course and begin to finesse it for publication!

Plus, if you ever dreamed of writing a novel, this course is the perfect way to warm yourself up, generate plenty of material, and become comfortable with viewing life through a writer’s lens.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready for one of our 4-month mentored book programs in the Novel, Memoir, or Business | Self-Development genres, all of which provide a full framework of support, instruction, and guidance to writers and gives you everything you need to write your book in 4 months.

Enroll today to become the writer you wish to be.

The Instructor- Jenna Kalinsky

I love writing and also helping other writers see their own work and process through fresh eyes in order to arrive at clarity and purpose. Cultivating Creativity is a collection of ideas I have learned along the way of becoming a writer myself, and assembling it to meet the needs of an emerging writer has been a labor of love. I know how satisfying it is to feel confident in my choice to turn my creativity into a writing practice- and career- and I want the same for you.


Giving Cultivating Creativity as a gift?


1) To begin, download our printable Cultivating Creativity Gift Certificate.
2) Email us at to let us know:

    • The recipient’s name and email address
    • The date you would like the course to begin*In your purchase details, you will also see the downloadable gift certificate (If you miss it or can’t access it here or in your receipt, please let us know, and we’ll re-send it to you).

      Note: a few minutes after purchasing the course, you will receive the initial “welcome” email; however, we will remove you from the full course delivery soon thereafter and add the recipient on the preferred date/time.

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