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Category: Book Publishing

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4 Reasons a Literary Agent Will Reject Your Submission

Like in life where you can’t please everyone all the time, your writing won’t appeal to every literary agent you send it to. Agents are, in the end, just people, bearing their own arbitrary likes and dislikes. Even if your submission is wonderful, an agent might reject it because they’re looking for a specific style of narrative voice, may not enjoy working with certain subjects, or simply don’t connect with your vision.

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How to Copy Edit Your Manuscript Like a Pro

As a writer, you have one job: to communicate. (That’s it! So streamlined!). Even if you’re not a trained editor, you can copy edit your writing like a pro by using our downloadable checklist and paying attention to the 10 most important things to look for when copy editing your manuscript. Take your time, make notes, and you’ll be positioning your manuscript to best showcase your ideas, strut your stuff, and get into the right hands.

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Why Self-Publishing Is the Best Solution for Today’s Author

Traditional publishing used to be the gold standard, but now for many authors the benefits of self-publishing outweigh those of traditional publishing—by a lot. With self-publishing, authors maintain control over the book and its outcomes, earn far higher revenue, and determine the fate of the work, their reputation, and the volume of sales. Treating your book like a business with you in the driver’s seat is an attractive option, making self-publishing the best solution for today’s author.

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Publishing in Literary Magazines: the Best First Step for an Emerging Writer

When you know in your gut that your short story, personal essay, or poem is done (or “done” for now), the best first step you can take as an emerging writer is to publish your work in a literary magazine. The benefits of publishing in literary magazines are many, and with a little organization, research, and tenacity, you will spark a rich writing career that will take you far into the future.

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The 5 Stages of a Manuscript: The Path to Publication

Where the writing of your book is lawless, murky, and full of unexpected twists and turns, once your manuscript is done, the path to publication is clearly defined and involves only 5 stages. Do these, and you’ll soon have a book that’s ready to meet its readers!

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Perfectionism, Permission, and Pleasure in Writing

Recently I sat down to talk about writing with Thea Sutton, author of historical novel, The Women of Blackmouth Street and writing coach and mentor on the One Lit Place creative team. We discussed the three Ps: perfectionism, permission, and pleasure in writing and how writers can avoid, give, and enjoy them in turns by making minor shifts to our expectation of the creative process.

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