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Category: Writing Craft

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How to Tell the Difference Between Story and Plot

For any narrative to be successful, it must contain two key things: dynamic and engaging story elements, and a delivery system of plot that takes the reader on a journey. While both of these heavy-lifting craft elements are vital for any narrative to exist, they are, as concepts, often unclear to writers. This quick definition of story and plot will unpack how each works, what it does, and why it’s necessary to create great work.

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How to Know When It’s Time to Indent (or Not)

Writers are so familiar with reading on the web, we’ve started writing everything with the same formatting. Yet there’s a time and a place for different methods of formatting, and readers have a different experience as a result. Let’s look at how to know when it’s time to indent or not.

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corduroy with goals stitched on beside a pen

Set Up Strong Writing Goals by Using SMART

Writers know that good writing comes from being clear and specific. Your own goals as a writer should be treated the same so the goals feel real, defined, and most of all attainable. By using the acronym SMART, you’ll strengthen your writing goals and go from identifying what you desire to taking specific action that will help you achieve real success.

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The Best 4-Step Process for Editing Your Manuscript on Paper

You may rely on your tech for most everything you do with your writing, but when it comes to editing your manuscript, editing on paper is still the best method. By using the below 4-step process for editing your manuscript on paper with our FREE checklist, you’re putting your book in the best possible position for success!

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infographic manuscript path to publication

The 5 Stages of a Manuscript: The Path to Publication

Where the writing of your book is lawless, murky, and full of unexpected twists and turns, once your manuscript is done, the path to publication is clearly defined and involves only 5 stages. Do these, and you’ll soon have a book that’s ready to meet its readers!

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How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Writing

Do you hold onto your best material, thinking that once you use it, you can’t write about it again? If so, here’s some great news: not only can you write about the same theme, topic, characters, settings, and general ideas over and over to get the most mileage out of your writing, but you can repurpose your content into all manner of other work. When you use your writing as a launching pad for yet more writing, you’ll have a near endless resource of options for future publications!

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white lined index cards

In Praise of Writing on Index Cards

Some writers love the bells and whistles of online writing apps, but many find staying simple is best. There’s much to praise about writing on index cards for organizing your ideas, mapping out a project, and feeling connected to the process..

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