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Learn new skills in craft, sharpen and strengthen your writing practice, and collaborate and connect with fellow writers in the One Lit Place online comprehensive writing programs and online writing courses & seminars.

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Learn, grow, and achieve your writing goals– from anywhere, and at any time.

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level and ramp up your skills, generate new work, and learn new approaches to craft and writing practice? Whether you wish to publish your work or simply feel stronger and far more competent as a writer, our online programs, courses and seminars give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in exploring writing and grow, starting now.

Comprehensive Fiction & Nonfiction Writing Programs

Write Your Memoir in 4 Months Program
Find the center of your story and tell it with authenticity and purpose so you and your readers emerge changed. Learn how to navigate the truth of your experiences and memory while applying the novelist’s tools to create an engaging story that invites conversation and healing.

vintage typewriter with textWrite Your Novel in 4 Months Program
Our specifically designed framework of personalized mentorship, comprehensive lessons, a daily progressive writing plan and much more make it so all you have to do isĀ  show up and write, and in 4 short months, you will have a complete novel draft!

Write Your Business or Self-Development Book in 4 Months Program
With consistent mentorship, a firm writing plan, and guidance that walks you step-by-step through how to write a nonfiction book, in only 4 months, you get a book that supports your business, serves your audience, and launches you into a whole new category in your work.

Self-Guided Online Writing Courses and Seminars

Cultivating Creativity

In one month of fun daily emails with lecture, videos, resources, and a comprehensive downloadable workbook, you’ll get inspired, feel energized, and create a huge portfolio of new work.

The Blogshop

Grow your audience, boost sales, and establish your authority in your field (plus generate enough material to last you a year!) in this 6-part self-guided online course.

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