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Copy Writing

whatever you need written, we'll take care of it for you

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With our professional copy writing, you come up with the ideas, and we write them down. 

Whether it’s a letter, business documentation, website page, or a long-form nonfiction work, we’re here to help bring your ideas to life on the page and make them clear, compelling, and purposeful.

Our custom copy writing services is an excellent way for you to get the writing you need* onto the page in the voice, purpose, and elements that will give you the best results.

You only need to provide the premise, format, goal, and as many particulars as you’ve got, and we’ll position them into the type of document you require in a way that will meet—or exceed—your readers’ expectations.

Our team of writers specialize in adapting to diverse voices and writing styles to meet all situations.

*Excepting essays or academic papers.

Choose from Our Two Options

1. Custom Copy Writing on an Hourly Basis

This custom hourly copy writing option enables you to connect with your editor to personally discuss the particulars and collaborate with them on getting your ideas right, whether it’s for a quick project or a larger more extensive one:

5-Hour Block


3-Hour Intro Block


1-Hour Add-On Block


Common Questions About Our Copy Writing Service

Your editor will connect with you to determine what kind of document you need, what specific details you can provide, and what your goal for the writing should be. During that initial call, they will get a sense of your voice and conversation style and apply it where applicable to the writing.

They will create the document in either Microsoft Word or a Google doc (upon request) and share drafts with you in your private team in our editors’ platform. You’re welcome to adjust the document and share you feedback with your editor to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you come into the project work with a specific budget, your editor will do everything they can to provide you with the document you require inside of that time. 

Not all blogs are created equal; if you want to ensure you’re getting the exact kind of brand-specific blog or article that best showcases your personality or business, you’re welcome to begin with the custom hourly option for a single blog and see how long that takes. This explorative process may ultimately show you that the blog package is more budget friendly or that remaining on an hourly basis will work better for you.

2. Flat Rate Packages for Business or Website Copy Writing

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Business Copy Writing

Choose one of our blog or article-writing packages to know you'll have several brand-specific engaging posts for your business

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Website Copy Writing

Get 5 custom-written pages to showcase your work, ideas, and products in clear, brand-specific writing.

Not sure what you need? Reach out to let us know the specifics of what you’re looking to do, so we can advise you on the best option for you and your project!

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Personalized Writing Coaching

Invaluable for helping you through your writing process with guidance, advice, and editorial feedback

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Editing Services

Leave your stamp, voice, and purpose on your work in a first draft and we'll shine it up from there-

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After you have your documents and need them distributed or published, we're here to guide you through all the next steps ~

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Courses & Programs

Get serious about your writing by learning and growing with our online courses or write your book with our 4-month programs in business, novel, and memoir

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Our 4-month Mentored Book Programs, Online Courses, & Writing Coaching and Editing Hours. From November 21-27, 2023

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