Copy editing

No manuscript should ever be submitted to a publisher, agent, or for self-publishing without having gone through this vital step. The quickest way for your work to be discounted and for you to lose out on valuable publication opportunities is having work that’s sloppy, has inconsistencies, or even basic typos.  Publishing is competitive, and you need to make sure you’re always presenting your very best work.

Further, on an artistic level, your work needs to be lean, clean, and lyrical in order for it to best exemplify your book’s purpose and for your ideas to come across in full voice.

What Is Copy Editing?

Where substantive editing takes care of the larger developmental or structural issues of a manuscript, copy editing ensures your ideas are presented clearly, correctly, and that the language is fluid and a pleasure to read.

During the copy edit, your copy editor attends to both the correctness and lyricism of the prose, ensuring accuracy at the sentence level, ensures consistency across word and punctuation use, while maintaining the intrinsic style, narrative voice, and tone of the project.

If necessary, the copyeditor may also adjust any global issues such as choppy cohesion or awkward paragraph placement/organization of the story and prose to make sure both are fluid and well-paced.

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Writing Coaching & Copy Editing FAQ

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