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Writing Coaching & Mentorship

collaborate with a generous and skilled coach and mentor

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Personalized Writing Coaching

Support, guidance, insights, and accountability. Work one-on-one with an experienced coach and mentor to establish your writing goals and accountability check points, answer publishing and writing questions, and provide insights on writing craft, and give editorial feedback from your first to last draft.

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write your book in 4 months program

Fully comprehensive programs in Novel, Memoir, and Business | Nonfiction | Self-Development. In a perfectly designed support framework of lessons, accountability, and productivity markers, your personal mentor breaks down the writing process and guides you through writing the first full draft of your book.

Personalized writing coaching and mentorship are vital for keeping you focused, helping you produce new work, refining existing projects, and helping you find success as a writer.

The support is powerful, and you decide how you want to receive it.

⇒ Custom hourly coaching relationship

Have your coach on hand when and how you need them to brainstorm ideas, get feedback on your developing writing, keep you accountable, and help you prepare your work for publication

⇒ 4-month mentored program

Let us do all the planning, so you can lean back and focus on the writing. Our 4-month mentored book programs provide infrastructure and stability to get you through your first draft

In all cases, your fiction, creative nonfiction, business, or screenwriting writing coach or mentor is there to support you in the exact ways you need, so you succeed with all your writing goals. 

When you know you’re supported at every turn—that a compassionate, skilled literary professional is by your side—you will feel more confident, powerful, and enjoy the writing you’re doing that much more.

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Available for all writers

What's the difference between writing coaching and our 4-month mentor programs?

Writing Coaching- a custom hourly relationship that supports you exactly how you need

4-Month Mentored Book-Writing Programs- a set schedule for predictable results

  • Discussion and development of writing practice and goals
  • Personal support and guidance
  • Brainstorming & story consultation
  • Assistance with early drafting
  • Collaboratively design an infrastructure for your writing process and create a writing schedule
  • Individualized grammar and writing style instruction and editorial feedback

Our personalized writing coaching is a custom relationship that respects your unique needs, schedule, and project requirements.

  • Everything with personalized writing coaching but delivered inside of the programs’ pre-defined framework to assist you through writing your first full draft of a book
  • Guidance, advice, strategies and solutions tailored to your book’s inception, development, and your writing process
  • Consistent contact with your mentor ensures accountability and success! 

With our 4-month book writing programs the learning, guidance, and schedule pre-planned, leaving you and your mentor free to focus on your book’s ideas and development.

Schedule individual coaching sessions or create a standing appointment

  • regularly to stay motivated, maximize accountability, learn and grow, and maintain a healthy writing practice
  • as-needed based on your projects and publishing goals.

Set it and forget it: consistency is key 

  • The 4-month programs come with weekly or bi-weekly mentorship meetings.
  • Schedule a reoccurring meeting at the start and know when you’re meeting for the next 4 months! 

The #1 best way to feel confident, motivated, and achieve maximum productivity is by working with a personal writing coach or mentor, period.

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Other ways we help writers

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Manuscript Evaluation

After tidying up your early draft, submit it for a comprehensive review. The editorial letter will walk you through what you can do to bring your manuscript into its next version

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Editing Services

Editing (substantive editing, copy and line editing, proofreading) for all manuscripts short and long meant for publication or distribution

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Publication Support

Personalized publication strategy development, author website design (from budget to custom), and self-publication help

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Courses & Programs

Take your time learning and growing as a writer in an online course or get serious with your book and yield a draft in 4 months

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