Writing Coaching, Copy Editing, & Copy Writing Pricing

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Writing Coaching, Editing, Copy Writing & Proofreading

Creative, Business, and Academic Writers

Personalized Continuous Support | Boosted Confidence & Motivation | Increased Productivity

Writing Coaching & Editing

$120 /hour
  • Guidance, Accountability, Brainstorming, Feedback
  • Customized to Your Schedule, Goals & Budget
  • Targeted Support, Resources & Insights
  • Help with Publication Documents & Submissions

Manuscript Evaluation

$450 starting at
  • Manuscript Evaluation Sample (40 pages)
  • Manuscript Evaluation Full (40 pages + $0.031/word)
  • Developmental Feedback Full (30 pages + $0.038)

Copy Editing & Publication Support

$120 (Starting at)
  • Need Something Written For You? We're On It.
  • Business Documents, Video Scripts, Speeches, Newsletters & Marketing Materials
  • Website Pages, Blogs, & Online Articles Optimized for Search Engines With Keywords and Metadata

Answers to Common Questions:

How does the relationship work?

Our work is very much in line with the writer-editor relationship of days past; your coach and editor is there for you to support you in all of the ways you need, whether it's with a new project you're still brainstorming and organizing to reading through pages and offering developmental feedback to putting their nose to the page and editing your manuscript into its best self. Whether you don't know what you need or you're zeroing in on a specific aspect of work, your coach and editor is there as a guide, accountability partner, and support system at every level of your process and work.

What you will come to find invaluable is the trust, connection, and the opportunity to be heard, valued, and supported as a creative and producer of ideas by someone who is both a professional writer and a seasoned writing coach and editor. Being supported in in this way makes the work you do— and your writing in general — far more rewarding and pleasurable. 

What happens after I purchase a block of time?

After you've decided to plunge in, we'll reach out to welcome you with a client agreement and a short questionnaire to learn about your work and what type of support you need. We'll then get you set you up with the most appropriate coach and editor from our team in a secure private space on our editors' platform, so you can get to work!

How do I meet with my coach/editor?

We use a secure online app for client work. You and your editor will have a private team where you can chat 24/7, schedule meetings, and easily share files, websites, documents, and more. Everything is housed in one place, so you can always see all your work at a glance.

How does billing work?

Hourly Relationship: We work hourly to give you the opportunity to determine how you wish to spend your time and budget. Our billing is measured in 5-minute increments, so you only pay for the time you use, whether it's with your coach and editor in meetings or when they're working with your manuscript. 

Manuscript Evaluation Sample (40 pages): billing is made with one flat payment of $450. 

Manuscript Evaluation Full (40 pages + $0.031) billing is made with one initial flat payment of $450 and a second installment payable after the editor has reached the 40-page mark.

Developmental Feedback Full (30 pages + $0.038) billing is made with one initial flat payment of $450 and a second installment payable after the editor has reached the 30-page mark.

Over the past three months [of the Write Your Novel in Four Months program] I have spoken with my writing mentor each week. This has been invaluable. One Lit is supporting me now, and I am thrilled to know that they will be there with me as I move into the next stages of revision and revision. 

My editor is encouraging and positive. She leaves my "writing voice" intact, while making excellent concrete suggestions for changes and greater clarity. I now have an idea of how to go about organizing my writing into three different collections, so that I can pursue publication in the future.

I have taken two workshops at One Lit Place, both of which I found supportive and inspiring. With Jenna’s gentle and expert guidance, I really feel I have grown as a writer.

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