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How Do I Get Started with a Writing Coach & Editor?

Once you sign on to work with us, you’re matched with a writing coach & editor from our creative team whose area of specialization matches your work and interests. Our coaches & editors have MFA, M.A. or PhDs in a variety of writing disciplines, vast teaching, coaching, and editing experience, and are working writers themselves.

Your coach & editor will be your go-to resource on hand to support you for any of your writing projects and to meet your goals.

Where and How Do We Meet or Exchange Documents?

You and  your coach meet in a private team on our Editors’ Platform, where you will connect to schedule virtual meetings, have 24/7 access to live chat, and can easily share documents and resources.

Collaboratively, you and your coach will design a schedule and strategy based on your work and writing goals. For those working in creative fields, your coach will suggest ways to push you into new work, help you carve out your writing time, provide writing exercises, instruct you in writing craft, and guide you through the emotional and logistical territory of writing and publishing.

If you are working on a particular project (short stories, personal essay, op ed, or a long-form book project, novel, or memoir), they will support you with whatever editing you need, including your submission materials (synopsis, chapter summaries, cover letter, and book proposal) and even guide you to publishing options.

Academic writers (PhD candidates, post docs, and professors) often find having a collaborative brainstorming partner a reassurance as you prepare to publication in a peer-reviewed journal or write your dissertation, and business writers can always know your coach and editor is there to cross-check your documentation, help you refine a business plan or presentation, or copy write whatever you need for you!

How Does the Relationship Work with My Writing Coach and Editor?

Each writer has different needs, and we custom design a plan that works specifically for you and your projects. How much you collaborate with your writing coach & editor is up to you: a weekly meeting or check-in may kick-start your writing into new directions, or hunkering down for serious editing may also be in order if you’re aiming for publication on a novel, short story, memoir, academic paper, or business project.

Many of our clients work with us over the years and return again and again (and go on to publish! Check out our Author Publications Page). It’s a relief and a reassurance to know you always have your editor who is there for you in the ways you need.

Not sure what you need? That’s when having a writing coach at the ready is the perfect situation. Your coach will work with you to see what you wish to achieve with your writing, how you work best, and where you are in your process. Together, you can determine how you will set and reach your writing goals.  to come to an early stage plan for getting you generating work, keeping to a schedule, and learning craft, technique, structure and strategy.

Rates & Billing

The fee for working with a coach & editor starts at $120/hr. We keep careful track of the time, so you’re only billed for the time you use (for example, a 40 minute call is billed at 40 minutes). Your time sheet is always available to you in your private team, so you can see how you’re allocating your budget.

All writing coaching, editing, and copy writing are offered at this rate*, so you’re able to easily move between your coaching and editing work, whether it’s preparing a manuscript for publication, developing new ideas, or working across the genres. This pricing model enables you to remain with your coach and editor for all your needs clear through to publication and beyond! Or if you require more than one coach or editor for your various projects, we’ll ensure you’re supported in the ways you need.

*Select editors’ rates are higher.

We keep careful track of your time, so you only pay for the time you use. If at any time you wish to stop working with us, any unused pre-paid funds are refunded.

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