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Review of Pacemaker Writing App for Planning & Word Count Tracking

If you're having trouble keeping your writing on track every day, see how the Pacemaker writing app will help you stay accountable to yourself- and much more!

In our ongoing effort to keep our writers up to date on the 10 best writing apps out there that help you organize your writing (see the full review), in this article, we’re covering the Pacemaker, a writing app designed to keep writers accountable, organized, and in a state of continually churning out the words.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Pacemaker and cannot guarantee a 100% accurate portrayal of the software.

Pacemaker is most easily described as a word count planner and tracker for writers— capable of doing much more than your average excel sheet.

If you write every day, you’re making progress. But if you write every day and track that progress, you’re getting far greater benefit than simply getting your time in the chair.

Keeping track of your writing on a daily basis is important if you’re aiming to build a solid writing practice or work on a long-form project such as a novel, memoir, short story, essay, poetry collection, or a blog for your business.

Maintaining a daily word count gives you the mental marker to reach as well as to feel a sense of accomplishment. Pacemaker’s tracking helps you know not just that you’re working toward a larger goal but how you’re doing it. That strategic approach gives you a psychological boost as well as a practical one. 

Keep Accountable by Tracking Your Writing Progress

The program is designed to be customizable based on your individual routine. You can tell the app whether you would like to write a steady amount every day, or perhaps more on the weekends—or maybe you’re planning on banging out a whole project during your vacation time.

Life is busy, and rather than have to keep track of your progress on your own, this app does it for you. Knowing how frantic a writer’s life can get, this is definitely a valuable asset to have in your back pocket!

mountain for blog Getting Started writing a book for your business at one lit place

Choose Your Writing Pace

Just like everyone has a different level of physical endurance, ideal levels of mental work vary between writers: and that’s why Pacemaker lets you choose exactly what kind of mountain that you would like to climb. You can decide to take on a steady hike, or perhaps instead take on the hardest work at the beginning (maybe right in the middle?).

Whichever parameters you choose from all of the available options, this software do the work to calculate an achievable writing schedule individualized for you. All you’ll have to worry about doing is the writing.

You can even view your plan and progress in graph form, or calendar form, or table form, and you can download it into your iCal (or share it with friends online!).

The Program Adapts to You So You Stay Motivated

Your schedule won’t ever stop being flexible, either. The master plan you have for completing your writing project or achieving your goals can always switch half-way if there are changes in your availability. Pacemaker can be set to adjust itself, every day, based on your current progress.

That way, you won’t ever have to feel like you’re falling behind, and that is a big blessing: a discouraged writer never writes their best!

Staying and keeping accountable- to yourself, to your work, and to others- is one of the best strategies for maintaining your writing.

In addition to using a writing app, come join our Writers Lounge to connect daily with other writers, and any time you’d like, let us know if you’d like one of our incredible writing coaches to have your back and keep you on track!

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Pacemaker and cannot guarantee a 100% accurate portrayal of the software.

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