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Review of Writing App for World Building: Miro

In this review of writing app Miro, see how this collaborative tool is excellent at providing you with a visual blueprint of your entire project.

by Pascale Potvin.

If you need to stay organized with a book project that requires complex world building, family trees, collaboration with other writers, or you’re simply looking for a place to house all your ideas, visual writing app Miro is an excellent tool. 

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The best outlining software available on the planet, arguably, is the writer brain. That doesn’t mean, however, that our brains couldn’t sometimes use some help. As humans, we are (for the most part) visual creatures—and, especially when we’re taking on heftier projects, a good blueprint is extremely helpful.

A Visual Blueprint for Writers

Miro is an online interactive whiteboard. It’s branded itself as an “infinite canvas,” because that’s really what it is: a digital canvas for all different types of creativity. For writers specifically, it’s ideal for outlining and imagining.

If writers were visual artists, this would be the place where they’d be making their initial sketches.

No matter your genre of writing, there is so much Miro can help you do—and you can store all of it one place:

  • Timelines
  • Family trees
  • Visual outlines

You can also embellish your creations with notes, photos, documents, and other kinds of files.

Miro gives you all the tools you could ever need in order to pull back and see the big picture of your project as well as to zoom in tight to the details.

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Photo credit: Sven Mieke

A Collaboration Tool

Miro is also especially useful if you’re collaborating on a project with another writer (or several other writers!). You and your collaborators can work on the same board at the same time, or if each of you works independently, you’ll always be able to see who’s done what.

The app makes collaboration so easy and pleasant with a text chat feature, video chat, screen sharing, and commenting options. Whatever your style of communication, you’ll achieve the level of teamwork that is most efficient and most fun.

It has free and paid options to suit any kind of work and collaboration. Give your overcrowded writer brain a break and let Miro take things from here.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Miro and cannot guarantee a 100% accurate portrayal of the software.


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