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Writer Gift Guide

Supporting creativity through the gifts you give is a gift for both the giver and for the receiver. Our One Lit Place Writers' Gift Guide is a curated list of items, services, memberships, and charitable causes that will make the writer in your life feel loved - and help support the broader community.

We’re hearing a lot these days about supply chain issues “ruining Christmas.” That kind of fear mongering isn’t just infuriating; it’s irresponsible (have we learned nothing from the toilet paper hoarding debacle of March 2020?).

Indeed, supply chain issues are real, and raw materials, items manufactured overseas, and foods are in reduced supply. This is a serious issue, and it will affect people.

However to say the holidays are ruined is nonsense, and in fact, it sounds to me like both a wake up call and a battle cry that we have been needing for some time.

Do the holidays have to be reliant on our buying things in order to be meaningful? That is up to the individual. But as we’ve all learned over the course of the last 1.5 years, pivoting is a natural human strength, one we should capitalize on. What’s the old saying: When one door closes, another opens? Many people- particularly those in the arts- have gotten very good at opening new doors during COVID, and I can tell you it’s actually quite freeing to view life through a different lens and to to know we can take action differently and it’s all still OK.

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At the holidays, a thoughtful gift always makes a person’s day and is the perfect opportunity to give meaningfully in alternate ways:

  • Time spent sharing a drink or a meal
  • Handmade, local, or artisanal products
  • Gently used items up-cycled and given new life
  • Cooking or baking creatively presented
  • Experiences like tickets to concerts, supporting a favorite charity, a membership, or a class.

These things are meaningful, reduce our environmental footprints, support our local economies and people in our communities, and shift our dependencies on things to enjoying one another and embracing all life has to offer differently.

If these past pandemic months have done anything it’s that they’ve made us all very aware of how precious  and tenuous life is. Supply chain woes or not, you can enjoy giving and at the same time enjoy doing it in ways that may invite new traditions and a fresh perspective to how to embrace the holiday season.

The following gifts, services, and charitable opportunities have been hand picked for for you to show your love to the writer in your life (including yourself!)

One Lit Place Writers Holiday Gift Guide

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woman wearing many multi-colored leather bracelets

Design in Words: Custom Stationary, Journals, Holiday Cards, and More

Get custom notecards, stationary, or a journal for the writer in your life. What an elegant way to make a statement! Design In Words

When the writing gets rough, it’s affirming to look down and get a quick hit of inspiration- straight from your own wrist! These beautiful leather bands can be engraved with your favorite inspirational quote or mantra. Embellish with charms to add some extra zing and complete the look. Being able to see a meaningful phrase such as “I am a writer,” “Creativity takes courage,” “I write what should not be forgotten,” or “Get to the desk” is a great boost to help you keep writing! Canada: Sophie’s Stella & DotU.S. Sophie’s Stella & Dot

affirmation cards beside plant
woman with blond short hair and graphic for brass band

Creative Affirmation Cards:  Arts-based mindset tools for kids to build self-esteem

This deck includes 54 interactive affirmation cards, each one featuring  a positive statement to repeat, a beautiful image to colour and a 5 minute creative activity to deepen self awareness. Kids are encouraged to write, draw and scribble all over these cards making them a personal keepsake. Kids 7+ can use these cards independently and younger ones can use them with help from an adult. My Life Creative

Holiday Brass Concert Live Stream (Pay-What-You-Can) Featuring Measha Brueggergosman

3:00 P.M. EST- Sunday, December 12, 2021

Together with one of Canada’s greatest vocal treasures, Measha Brueggergosman, the Hannaford Brass brings an inspirational and uplifting concert into the nation’s homes. Tinged with gospel, jazz, and traditional favourites, this concert feels like a family holiday homecoming. Grab a cup of eggnog and escape the business of the season with this beautiful and celebratory concert. Sign Up Here: Hannaford Street Silver Band

Spark Journals

Spark Journals offers gratitude & growth mindset journals for kids.  Our journal is filled with activities designed just for kids to help them cultivate gratitude, encourage creativity and cultivate a growth mindset, in a fun and engaging way. Give them the gift that keeps on giving.  Their mindset informs how they view everything in life, so let’s empower them with a positive mindset practice at a young age and watch them grow.  Each journal purchased feeds a child in need because we believe that every child deserves a great start. Spark Journals

E-Course: Comfortable on Camera with Michelle Daides

Writers or business owners who are promoting books or services need to be comfortable in this all-important medium, so you can sell yourself and win over audiences. Whether you are preparing for a media appearance, creating your own video content, or participating in live webinars or readings, this course will help you feel confident and look like a natural! The online self-guided course comes with 8 video lessons/modules and a comprehensive workbook. Only $47! Comfortable on Camera- E-course

notebook with text beside sketches and colored pencils
cartoon holding menstrual products

Small Business Design Packages

Whether you need a logo, business cards, materials for your writer website, or all the social media and print materials that will take your new small business into the big time,  graphic designer Danielle Lewis has got you covered. Choose from one of her design packages to save on the bundle or a la carte designs and services. Danielle Lewis Designs

An Excellent Way to Help Provide Equity to All. Period. 

One Lit Place is a proud supporter of the Period Purse, donating our copywriting to support their efforts to provide equity to all people.  Donate as a gift from you or on behalf of someone you love who wants to lend their support. A single donation of $15 can buy one month’s menstruation supplies to help someone in need. The recipient will receive an ecard to thank them for their “gift”.  Share equity, access, and kindness by caring for those in  your community. Donate at The Period Purse

pen parentis logo

Pen Parentis: a Non-Profit Organization for Writers Who Are Parents

Parenthood is a joy and exhausting (often at the same time), and that goes double for parent writers. Having access to resources, a community of peers, and live & virtual events, author readings, salons, meet-ups and a wide range of discounted services (including with One Lit Place!) makes writing while parenting much easier and more rewarding. Gift the parent writer in your life a Title Member today (be sure to put the name AND email of the giftee in the memo line of the PayPal page).

Receive a full year of membership for $150 or purchase the compendium written by founder Milda de Voe, Book & Baby: The Complete Guide to Managing Chaos and Becoming a Wildly Successful Writer Parent.

Pen Parentis Membership

The “Write” Bag

Now that we can write in other places besides our homes, you’re going to need a beautiful sturdy bag for your laptop and other writerly sundries. What better and more stylish way to do it, than to have it custom made by a leather designer and artisan for you? Use discount code ONELIT at checkout to save an additional 10% on already reduced items! Materials and Methods

One Lit Place proceeding to the route tote bag
One Lit Place large tote bag

Eco-Conscious Literary Book/Shopping Bag

Who doesn’t love an organic cotton tote bag that invites you (and the world) to know you’re going places- even if that means to your writing desk (because that’s where the magic happens, baby!) Sturdy, cute, rolls into a nice little ball for easy carrying. For a limited time: shipping included!

One Lit Place Small Tote

One Lit Place Large Tote

This bag can hold a LOT of books (trust me). It’s sturdy, elegant, and a handsome addition to your eco-conscious shopping bag collection. For a limited time: shipping included! 

One Lit Place Large Tote

Plus, let’s remember that books always make the most perfect gifts for writers, and for everyone.

Find your closest independent bookstore:


And What About the PERFECT Gift for YOU?

Give Yourself the Gift of Finally Writing Your Book

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