Writers Holiday Gift Guide: Support Creativity in the Gifts You Give

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At the end of November, I took my children out to accomplish a few errands before our next lockdown began on Monday. We bought my son a pair of winter boots he sorely needed at the local shoe store, got a muffin at the bakery, and waited one hour and 10 minutes in front of a the nearby toy shop to buy one pack of Hanukah candles.

1 hour and 10 minutes. For a box of candles.

Did this strike me as more than mildly ridiculous? Maybe it did for a second, but more broadly, no. It did not.

We’ve all seen how devastating 2020 has been for our neighborhood businesses, and with so many cities now on lockdowns and in their second waves, it’s not going to get better before it gets worse.

Being just a little bit creative in what and how you buy is an honor and a virtue, especially this year. By supporting your local businesses, artisans, food preparers, online learning, and virtual services, you’re giving a small business a chance at survival.

Plus, the benefit for you is exponential: everyone who has worked with One Lit Place well understands that we’re able to provide such tailored personal service precisely because we’re not a big box shop or university program. We’re able to be hands on and creative in how we take care of our writers and ensure you get the support you need to do your work well and with confidence.

The following gifts, services, and charitable opportunities are another way for us to thank you for your support- and for you to thank the writers in your life (including yourself!)

One Lit Place Writers Holiday Gift Guide

My Life Playbook

My Life Playbook is a guided journal for kids aged 7+ promoting emotional wellness, mindfulness and resiliency. Examples of activities include: developing a gratitude practice, setting intentions, using affirmations and much more. My Life Playbook has 164 beautifully designed pages of inspirational colouring images, journal writing, worksheets, drawing and writing prompts all designed to build confidence, encourage empathy and increase self love.  Can also be used as a teaching, learning pod or homeschool resource. To purchase or donate a copy: www.swallowtailcreative.com


Personalized Leather Bracelet

Writing can be challenging at the best of times, but having a mantra or quote at the ready to inspire you back to work can make all the difference. These beautiful leather bands can be engraved with your favorite inspirational quote or mantra. Embellish with charms to add some extra zing and complete the look. Being able to see a meaningful phrase such as “I am a writer,” “Creativity takes courage,” “I write what should not be forgotten,” or “Get to the desk” is a big boost to your ability to keep writing!

Receive 1:1 design session and a bonus of free shipping on orders $100+ pre-tax. Contact Sophie at Stella & Dot.

Spark Journals

Spark Journals offers gratitude & growth mindset journals for kids.  Our journal is filled with activities designed just for kids to help them cultivate gratitude, encourage creativity and cultivate a growth mindset, in a fun and engaging way. Give them the gift that keeps on giving.  Their mindset informs how they view everything in life, so let’s empower them with a positive mindset practice at a young age and watch them grow.  Each journal purchased feeds a child in need because we believe that every child deserves a great start. www.sparkjournals.com

E-Course: Comfortable on Camera with Michelle Daides

Writers or business owners who are promoting books or services need to be comfortable in this all-important medium, so you can sell yourself and win over audiences. Whether you are preparing for a media appearance, creating your own video content, or participating in live webinars or readings, this course will help you feel confident and look like a natural! The online self-guided course comes with 8 video lessons/modules and a comprehensive workbook. Only $47! For further info and to enroll: Comfortable on Camera- E-course

Personalized Holiday/New Year Cards (Paper or E-Cards) & E-Blast Banners

Until Friday, December 11, let Danielle Lewis at Danielle Lewis Designs customize your holiday or new year’s card: choose from three options, pick your colors, change up the text, and add your logo: all for only $75 dollars! Or if you’d love a custom-designed newsletter banner for personal or business emails (including for your next book promotion!), $150 will get you an on-brand beautiful banner that will catch everyone’s eye. Contact Danielle at Danielle Lewis Designs

An Excellent Way to Help Provide Equity to All. Period. 

One Lit Place is a proud supporter of the Period Purse, donating our copywriting to support their efforts to provide equity to all people.  Donate as a gift from you or on behalf of someone you love who wants to lend their support. A single donation of $15 can buy one month’s menstruation supplies to help someone in need. The recipient will receive an ecard to thank them for their “gift”.  Share equity, access, and kindness by caring for those in  your community. Donate at The Period Purse: www.periodpurse.com

Online Art Classes (Adult, Family, Kid, and Youth)

All writers benefit from letting loose in other creative areas to keep the juices flowing. Let your creative run wild in these fun exploratory art courses. Clay, drawing, journaling, painting and so much more will keep your writer’s mind sharp as you attend to your creativity through this wonderfully tactile medium- and from the comfort of your home! Prices vary: Contact Create Art Studio


The “Write” Bag

We’re not going much of anywhere right now, but once the coast is clear, you’re going to need a beautiful sturdy bag in which to carry your laptop- and what better and more stylish way to do it, than to have it custom made by a leather designer and artisan for you? Shop now, and save 15%! Contact Anne at Materials and Methods

*Tip: trying Cultivating your Creativity with a friend, so you can take part in the course together!


Gifts for YOU

The Perfect Opportunity to Finally Write Your Book

vintage typewriter at onelitplace.comWrite Your Novel in 4 Months Program
(Enrollment: $289/mo. for 4 Months)
Enjoying the idea that serving your community is a fabulous way of ensuring you maintain a healthy neighborhood ecosystem during COVID and beyond is one of the most wonderful creative things you can do this year.

We are delighted to be able to continue to serve our community and to see how so many writers- across the disciplines- are using this time to boost their creative spirits, share the good feelings of being productive, explore, and benefit from the beauty that is sparked from seeing their voices take shape with power and agency on the page.

Enjoy gifting any of these writer-friendly items to yourself or to someone you love. And remember: giving learning and development by way of a One Lit Place writing course or program is a lasting gift, one that will help you or the writer in your life manifest a projects, feel confident in writing, and share stories, making the world that little bit more intimate.

(p.s. I promise you won’t have to stand outside for an hour and 10 minutes to buy anything you see here!).

Happy season of giving, and if you have any questions about any of the businesses or products shown here, how you can give any of our writing programs to someone as a gift, or whether one of them is right for you, please reach out any time!


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