Write Your Novel in 4 Months Program FAQ

The following info will give you a detailed idea of how our Write Your Novel in 4 Months Complete, Essential, and Independent Programs work:

When can I start the program?

Right now! The moment you sign up, you receive your first email containing the link to our secure Member Area where you will access your first lesson, downloadable files, and a link to our private Facebook group where you can chat with other writers in our community.

Complete & Essential Program: you will be matched with your editor by the first week and provided a private team, where you will have your weekly or bi-weekly live meeting and can use the live chat feature to check in in-between meetings.

I’m ready to write my novel, but I want to do it on a different timeline than 4 months. Is that possible?

We carefully designed the program to take place over 4 months so your daily writing time could be a manageable length, while keeping the program length energetic, so you can see the finish line not far in the distance!

That said, if you’re a teacher who has the summer off, have job parameters due to COVID-19, or experience any manner of reasons you may want to do the program but on a shorter or longer time frame (2, 3, 5, or 6 months), we’re happy to adapt it to suit your needs. Please contact us, so we can accommodate you with a tailored program length.

What if I don’t want the program and would rather work one-on-one with a writing coach & editor?

Absolutely- please visit our Writing Coaching & Editing page for further details and to contact us about the work you’re looking to do. Our Writing Coaches & Editors work with authors of all levels and interests on their creative projects, from learning the basics and staying accountable to striving for publication with proofreading and more.

May I choose my mentor?

All of our mentors are writing coaches & editors from the One Lit Place Writers & Creative Team. Each is a published author, holds either an M.A., MFA and/or PhD in writing and literature, has worked many years as a writing coach and editor, and consistently provides valuable, compassionate, and educated service to our creative, academic, and business clients of all writing levels and genres.

You will be matched with a mentor on our team who is available to begin the program when you are; however, if you would like to request one of our team specifically, we will do our best to accommodate you!

What is the benefit of a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with a mentor?

Continuous, regular contact with your mentor and/or fellow writers in our private Facebook group is what sets this program apart from others. The chief reason writers fail in their novel writing is lack of consistent, dedicated support from a fellow writer or editor.

Our Complete Program’s schedule of weekly mentor meetings (16 30-minute meetings) and our Essential Program’s schedule of bi-weekly mentor meetings (8 30-minute meetings) ensure you are partnered with an invested mentor, who is alongside you to ensure your success.

These meetings will enable you to develop a relationship with your mentor, who can come to know your book, your process, and you personally. This intimacy ensures you get the exact support you need in ways that are most relevant. It’s like having a direct hotline to your own seasoned literary professional!

Further, once you have your completed draft, you’ll automatically have a trusted editorial partner and guide who knows you and your work and is most effectively able to easily step in and get to work with you.

Naturally, if you cannot make one of your meetings, you are welcome to reschedule or double it up with another meeting (see Terms and Conditions).

Independent Program: If I feel overwhelmed doing this program on my own or I’d simply like to consult a mentor for some advice and strategies, may I buy individual hours with a mentor?

You bet! We’re happy to support you however you need. Individual mentor hours can be purchased in any amount, and all participants receive a 15% discount off the hourly rate. You’ll have access to your discount code once you’re enrolled, and you can add as many hours with a mentor as you need.

What’s also nice is all program participants receive a 15% discount on writing coaching & editing following your program, which will help you launch right into the revision process!

What if something comes up, and I can’t complete the program on schedule?

Pausing the program: From the time of enrollment, all program participants have lifetime access to the program materials, so if something comes up, you’re welcome to return to your work when things are calmer. Complete and Essential participants can also work with your mentor to pause your meetings and return to them later on.

Lengthening the program: If you find you will be unable to maintain the pace of the daily writing (3 pages/day) and need to reduce your page number to 2 or even 1 page/day, you may continue with your program but rather than it taking 4 months, it will stretch out into 5-6 months.

Complete and Essential participants may wish to spread your remaining Mentor meetings wider apart to continue receiving consistent support or you may like to purchase a few additional hours to bridge you to the end of your new program length.

Independent participants: as you will continue to have access to your lessons and the Writers Lounge, you can continue to enjoy and lean on the craft, instruction, and ideas-sharing amongst your fellow writers for guidance and support for the longer period.

Cancelling the program: You have 5 days to cancel and receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued for the Independent program after 5 days, and Complete and Essential participants receive a 75% refund between 5-14 days of cancellation for pre-paid plans or do not pay the remaining 3 payments.

Please see our Terms and Conditions and Terms of Service for details.

In all cases, we are happy to chat with you about supporting you through your challenges, so you can still see your book become a reality.

Do you offer this course for other genres like memoir or nonfiction?

Coming soon! If you’re interested in one of those programs, please let us know and we’ll put you on the list of beta users at the discounted early launch rate.

How does the payment plan work?

The payment plan charges your credit card in 4 separate installments, one per month. You begin the program with the first installment (the first month’s payment or 25% of the total program cost). After the initial payment, you may complete the remaining payments or change your payment method at any time.

How do I get a refund if the program isn’t for me?

Your satisfaction is very important to us! If you need or wish to cancel for any reason, we offer a full refund for within 5 days of enrollment. Please see our Terms & Conditions. All cancellations must be in writing to contact@onelitplace.com before the end of your 5th day.

How do I make sure I receive all correspondence from you?

We will be sending you emails to alert you to each new lesson and other important info, so it is very important our emails reach you.

Moments after you sign up, our “Welcome!” email should arrive in your email inbox. If you do not see it, kindly go to your spam/junk/promotions folders to see if it landed there. If it did, please move the email to your inbox and add “contact@onelitplace.com” to your contacts.

If our “Welcome” email never arrives, please reach out to contact@onelitplace.com straight away so we can troubleshoot and fix the issue.

We are very happy to answer any questions you may have about the Write Your Novel in 4 Months Independent Plan or any of our other writing coaching and editing services. Please reach out any time!

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