Write Your Novel in 4 Months: Essential Program

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to write your novel, this is it! Our Write Your Novel in 4 Months Essential Program is a perfect framework of personalized guidance, education, and support that provides you with everything you need, so all you have to do is show up and write!

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What is the Write Your Novel in 4 Months: Essential Support Program?

This unique program combines personalized mentorship, comprehensive lessons, and a daily writing plan built into a 4-month framework. This carefully designed infrastructure frees you up from having to think about planning and coordinating your book, ensures you’re supported in the ways you need throughout, and assists you with the development, organization, and creative energy you need to write your novel.

The Program’s Framework

Your Personal Mentor

From the very beginning you will have a mentor dedicated to you, who in bi-weekly (twice monthly) meetings and on-the-spot chat provides strategies for staying motivated, support, and accountability. When you know a skilled collaborative partner is by your side throughout this complex process, you will see a huge boost in your motivation and confidence while writing your novel.

Self-Directed Study

Weekly lessons supplement your novel’s development; you learn new approaches to writing craft and practice, determine best strategies for aspects of novel structure, and see how to manipulate a variety of techniques for establishing setting, developing character, creating tension and plot, how to deal with point of view, different ways to write scene and what your first edit will look like once you have your draft completed.

Your Daily Writing Schedule

Your writing calendar contains your progressive daily page count for 4 months. Five days a week, you write 3-4 pages per day, yielding a 240-320 page draft. You can share your calendar, progress, and challenges with your mentor to stay accountable and get new strategies for staying on schedule.

Time Commitment

The program requires you spend 8-9 hours per week:

  • 3-4 pages per day of writing, 5 days per week
  • Bi-weekly 30-minute mentor meetings (2x/month)
  • Approx. 30 minutes per week for the self-guided lessons

You will find novel-writing programs of all lengths; this program was carefully designed at 4 months to be sustainable for those with families and jobs but also with a close-enough completion date that will keep you going!

What You Get

  • Bi-weekly (2x/month) 30-minute virtual meetings with your mentor + live chat as needed (8 meetings total)
  • 20 comprehensive course lessons containing video, lecture, and additional suggested resources and readings
  • Customizable writing schedule (adaptations available upon request)
  • Downloadable sheets and guides

Your Mentor

Within your first week of registering for the program, we will connect you with your mentor. Our mentors are all members of the One Lit Place Creative Team and work with writers of every level and genre on their developing creative projects. Their skill, acumen, and insights will inspire you to keep up your work and feel uniquely supported.

You will find your mentor a well of knowledge and resources as well as a compassionate (and occasionally tough) ear; their investment in you is an investment in helping you add to the canon of literature. As published authors themselves, they well understand how important books are to the world and will be alongside you to help you succeed.

The Self-Guided Course Lesson Contents

The 8 Modules contain 20 lessons: 3 pre-lessons, 16 weekly program lessons, and 1 post-lesson. Each lesson is timed to correspond with your novel’s development. Worksheets, downloadable checklists, readings and resources, and videos are all included!

The Lessons’ Instructor: Jenna Kalinsky, Founder/Principal of One Lit Place





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Ongoing Registration On Your Schedule

This program is open for you to begin any time.

Imagine if you were to register right now: in 4 months, that novel you’ve been holding on to (for how long?) or thinking about will finally be a reality!

Where before COVID-19, our time was spoken for and squeezing in a big project like writing a novel was that much harder (like trying to move a mountain), now, many people are seeing that time is softer, more forgiving. We may not have more of it, but we can allocate it differently.

Bringing in your novel now may feel less high stakes but yield the same result; by waking an hour earlier for the next four months or adjusting your afternoon schedule, you can finally achieve this important goal.

You may never “feel ready” to write your novel, but when you leap in, we will be there to support you every step of the way to make sure your book happens.

What Happens When You Enroll

Day 1: The program begins the moment you sign up. You receive your Welcome email containing a link to the Member Area at One Lit Place, where you will access your first Preparatory Lesson containing a workbook and video to get you started off on the most powerful foot.

Day 3: Access your second preparatory lesson with downloadable files, the link to our private Facebook group, and the first day’s preparation task.

Day 5: Your last preparatory lesson, which will take you through a 2-day task as you organize your writing process for the next 4 months.

Day 7: Lesson 1 and your schedule kicks in and today you begin writing your novel.

The middle of the second week: You’re paired with your mentor and receive an invitation to your private team in our editors’ platform where you connect and schedule your first meeting.

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Program Outcomes

This program’s infrastructure defines what you will do, when you will do it, and how you will make it happen, so in 4 months, you finally will have the novel you’ve been wanting to write.

Everything that makes writing a novel on your own challenging has been replaced with solutions: one-on-one collaboration with a skilled writing mentor, a daily plan, and guidance on novel-writing craft, mindset, and practice.

Are you ready to write your novel? What do you have to lose?

If you’ve tried to write your novel and found the work harder than you’d imagined, now you have the support you need to finally get it done.

Other Program Plan Options

If you’re looking for a more supportive mentorship structure (weekly meetings rather than bi-weekly meetings) or would like to do the program on your own with the self-directed lessons and writing schedule, we offer other options to help you write your novel:

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You’ve been ready to write your novel for a long time. Now is your time.

We’re looking forward to writing with you.

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