Write Your Novel in 4 Months Program

It’s your time to finally start writing your novel.

Write Your Novel in 4 Months Program

Writing a novel is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful things you can do– and one of the hardest. Many writers never begin their books, or put down the work mid-way, because they lack support and guidance, both of which are necessary for success.

Our Write Your Novel in 4 Months Program breaks down the novel-writing process into a perfectly designed support framework. We’ve thought of everything, so all you have to do is show up and write!

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The Write Your Novel in 4 Months Program 3-step framework includes:

  • Continuous personalized mentorship
  • Self-directed study in craft and practice
  • A clear progressive 4-month writing schedule

When you have personal support, guidance, and a solid infrastructure, you feel motivated and confident and build valuable skills. With this novel writing program, you will have the first draft of your novel in your hands in only 4 months.

Your Stories Matter. 



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How Does the Novel Writing Program Work?

The 3 Program Plans ensure all writers can get the support you need in the ways that work for you:

Complete Program

This hands-on program supports you in all ways: you’re given a manageable daily writing schedule, continuous personalized support from a writing mentor, and self-directed study in novel-writing craft and practice.

The hybrid design of hands-on mentorship and self-directed work is the perfect support framework for every writer.

Essential Program

You get the same framework as the Complete Support Program but your mentor meetings are spaced bi-weekly, keeping the cost of the program lower, and your motivation and opportunity for support high!

Independent Program

This self-guided novel writing program gives the motivated writer self-directed lessons with downloadable files and resources, plus the 4 month progressive writing schedule. By following the program tools and staying the course, you will have your novel in hand in 4 months!

*Individual mentorship hours may be purchased on an as-needed basis at any point in the program. Mentors provide brainstorming and structural support, advice, novel writing tips, accountability, and more ~


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• Mentorship with a Skilled Writing Coach & Editor

Intermediate & Advanced Support Program: In your first week, you’re matched with a One Lit Place mentor, who is a skilled writing coach & editor and a member of our Creative Team. In your weekly or bi-weekly 30-minute meeting, you can brainstorm, discuss your process, and get resources, advice, and writing strategies. Between meetings, any time you have a question or need a quick lift, you can reach out to your mentor in your private team’s live chat.

Having someone there for you throughout the entire program makes an enormous difference to your confidence and productivity.

• Self-Directed Study

The 20 program lessons take you through the early preparation elements, phases of writing the novel, and speak to all the elements of craft you’ll need to design the plot, storyline, characters, and structure. You also learn strategies for staying focused and designing your book. Each lesson is delivered both in video and text and comes with downloadable files, optional readings, and resources.

The lessons are designed to inspire and provide new ideas to all writers, from emerging to seasoned professional. Your mentor is on hand to provide further information or discuss concepts as they relate to your book.

• Daily Writing Schedule

Your daily work is a 3-4-5-4:

      • Write 3-4 pages a day
      • 5 days a week
      • For 4 months

We provide the progressive calendar and accountability sheet, which you may share with your mentor to make sure you’re on track. In 4 months, you will have 240-320 pages: a completed first draft of your novel!


What You Get During the Free 7-Day Trial:

  • 3 preparatory lessons to set you up for a successful program and establish everything you need to begin writing your book with video, text, and worksheets and daily tasks
  • Your first program lesson and your first writing day kicks in!

Many writers talk about wanting to write novels, but only those writers who are supported when they sit down to make the writing happen are the ones whose books make it to the shelves, influence our thinking, and effect change.

It’s your time to write your book.

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