Write Your Novel in 4 Months Program

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Writing a novel is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful things you can do– and one of the hardest. Many writers never begin their books, or put down the work mid-way, because they lack support and guidance, both of which are necessary for success.

Our Write Your Novel in 4 Months Program breaks down the novel-writing process into a perfectly designed support framework. We’ve thought of everything, so all you have to do is show up and write!

It's your time to finally start writing your novel.

Writing a novel is about more than having a great idea. (A great idea is wonderful, but then … well, now what do you do?)

Set yourself up for writing success with this “All-in-One” program designed to give you new skills and deepen your awareness of novel writing craft, accountability, and motivation to complete your first draft.

⇒ Curated Instruction in Writing Craft

Learn more about the craft of writing in our weekly program lessons, created by One Lit Place Founding Director, Jenna Kalinsky, who has taught and created writing programs for universities across the United States and in Canada.

The 20 program lessons take you through the early preparation elements, phases of writing the novel, and speak to all the elements of craft you’ll need to design the plot, storyline, characters, and structure. You also learn strategies for staying focused and designing your book. Each lesson is delivered both in video and text and comes with downloadable files, readings, and resources.

The lessons will inspire and provide new ideas to all writers, from emerging to seasoned professional. 


One of the biggest struggles of writing is working it into a busy life. This program was created with working people, parents, and those who struggle to make their a daily habit in mind.

You’ll have a reasonable yet ambitious writing schedule: 5 days/week, 1-1.5 hrs./day of writing new material. This schedule is adaptable and customized to your exact needs.

We provide the progressive calendar and accountability sheet, which you discuss with your mentor to keep you on track. In 4 months, you will have 240-320 pages: a completed first draft of your novel!

⇒ Mentor Guidance and Support

Our program is offered in three tiers to suit multiple budgets and writing goals.

The Compete & Essential Programs include regular mentorship meetings with a publishing professional who provides story advice, keeps you motivated and on schedule, and provides you with brainstorming or even feedback on your work as you’re developing it. This relationship makes all the difference when it comes to feeling the energy and drive for finishing your draft.

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Essential Program

This mentor model spaces out the meetings to give writers connection and contact with their mentor, keeping the cost of the program lower, and your motivation and opportunity for support high!


Complete Program

This full support program ensures you’ve got your mentor by your side throughout the work to keep you buoyed and feeling strong while you write. The weekly continuity of your meetings enables your mentor to get to know you and your book and best advise you on story development and managing the workload.


Independent Program

You receive the lessons, accountability sheet, and 4-month progressive calendar. Ideal for the writer who is self-motivated, this version of the program enables you to use the framework to achieve your goals. 

*Individual mentorship hours may be purchased on an as-needed basis at any point in the program. 

Essential Program (Bi-Weekly Mentorship)


Complete Program (Weekly Mentorship)


Independent Program


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What You Get During the Free 7-Day Trial

  • Lessons 1, 2, and 3 that set you up for a successful program and establish everything you need to begin writing your book with video, text, and worksheets and daily tasks.

  • Lesson 4: Your first official program lesson when your first writing day kicks in!


Plus additional readings and resources.

Got questions?

  • The Complete program comes with weekly 30-minute virtual meetings with your mentor + live chat as needed (8 hours total) | the Essential program comes with bi-weekly meetings with your mentor + live chat as needed (4 hours total)
  • 20 comprehensive course lessons containing video, lecture, and additional suggested resources and readings
  • Customizable writing schedule (adaptations available upon request)
  • Downloadable workbook, sheets, resources, and guides
  • 24/7 access to a private team in our editors platform

In your first program email, you will receive a questionnaire that will help us match you to the most appropriate member of our team. Each has years of experience in the genre as a mentor, editor, and writer. You will be paired with an editor based on your project, their availability, and any personal characteristics that may make for a lasting fruitful relationship!

The program lessons will come directly to you in comprehensive emails, which you can save and review again and again. At quarterly intervals, you will also receive a link to view the previous month’s modules on a password-protected page of our site. You will meet your mentor in our editors’ platform in a secure private team, where your accountability sheet, custom writing calendar, and any files you share with your mentor are housed. You may wish to have your mentor meetings via Zoom or over the phone.

This program is designed to be relevant and inspiring to all levels of writer. If you’re new to the craft, you will gain access into the building blocks of a novel and how to use them in the real-life context of your writing. The purpose of the program is to give you tools that will ultimately inform your book but as importantly, a framework that will usher you along through your first draft. The goal isn’t to have a publishable book by the end of the program but a foundation from which you can then adapt and refine with your mentor once it’s written. As Jodi Picoult says, “You can’t edit a blank page.” This program will give you all you need to begin your novel’s journey!

The purpose of the program is to usher you through your first draft so you give rise to risky, dynamic material without editing or concerning yourself with your novel’s future. A more seasoned writer will appreciate not having to project manage the work, having a mentor by your side who can keep you straight, engage you in higher level conversations about the development of your book and writing craft, and the chance to visit craft in the lessons where you will appreciate the more advanced insights, resources, and opportunity to reinforce your skill set by implementing (and upending) these elements in your work.

Because this program is a one-on-one experience between you and your mentor, you can sign up any time. The program begins the moment you enroll! 

Your first week of the program is FREE, so you can see if it’s right for you. On the 8th day, your credit card will be charged the first month’s payment. The remaining 3 payments will follow one month apart until all 4 payments have been made.

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Essential Program (Bi-Weekly Mentorship)


Complete Program (Weekly Mentorship)


Independent Program


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