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Dear ,

Greetings and welcome! This is a very exciting day- you’re about to embark on writing your book!

To get things started, kindly follow the instructions below.

*Note: You will also receive this info in your “Welcome” email, which will arrive to you shortly.

1) Your Secure Account with One Lit Place

After registering for the program, you created an account for the Member Area of One Lit Place with a username and password. The Member Area is the secure password-protected area of our site where your program materials are kept.

Any time you wish to log in to the Member Area to access your program, you will need your username and password, so please keep them in a safe place!

2) Receiving Our Emails

Upon registration, you should have received 2 emails:

  • Receipt confirming your payment subscription *Tip: save your receipts- you may be able to claim this course on your taxes as “personal development.” 
  • Welcome email from me, “Jenna Kalinsky at One Lit Place.”

Don’t see the emails?

Commonly, and for no known reason, one, both, or neither of these emails may have arrived to your inbox. If you do not see them, please check your junk/spam/promotions folder.

If you find one or both in your junk/spam/promotions folder (go ahead and check- I’ll wait), please “train” your inbox to recognize my emails are not spam by doing the following:

  • physically drag or move the email(s) to your inbox

  • add “contact@onelitplace.com” to your contacts

Still no email anywhere?

If you do not get any email from me within a few minutes of your registration in any of your email folders, please contact us so we can troubleshoot the problem. You will be receiving emails alerting you to your program lessons and other important info throughout the program, so it’s important you receive them!

3) Begin Your Program

To get started, go to the top menu of the website, click “Member Area” and scroll down to your program’s Home Page from the dropdown menu.

On your program’s Home Page, you will find everything you need to get started and proceed with your program.

Straight away, please go to “Lessons” and from the Lessons Main Menu, begin with Lesson 1.

4) Accessing the Member Area

You may wish to keep the website open, which will keep you logged in for a time, or when you are done for today, you may wish to log out and log in again on your next visit.

To log out, please go to “Log Out” in the main menu.

To log in on your next visit to One Lit Place, click “Member Area Login” on the top menu, and provide your username and password.

Thank you for partnering with us for your book-writing journey. Please be in touch any time if you have questions.

I’m very much looking forward to working with you!

Warmest regards,

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