The Blogshop Workbook

Click to download The Blogshop Workbook

This 20-page workbook is designed for you to print out or use on your computer (you can fill in the fields and save it to your hard drive).

Each lesson guides you more fully into your blogging practice, so that at the end, you will have:

  • 1 full ready-to-go blog draft
  • 5 additional new blog opening paragraphs (or full drafts if you’ve dug in and done the work)
  • a list of brainstormed topics for future blogs
  • tons of raw material for yet more blogs.

Everything you will do during The Blogshop and in this workbook should carry you for a year’s worth of blogs*

*at one blog/month.

This workbook is a vital resource for The Blogshop- please download or begin filling it in straight away!

Enjoy and happy writing ~