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black window pane with ivy on brick building

Writing About Grandparents: 4 Works

To write about our grandparents is an honor and an opportunity. To spend time appreciating our grandparents and their role in our lives, is to recognize the beauty in human experience. Taking the time to solidify the character, love, and years our grandparents spent on earth, influencing and affecting others, is to permanently etch our awareness of how they paved the way, toiled, and loved to give rise to the next generations.

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Writing Dialogue in Fiction & Nonfiction: The Complexity, the Art, the Reward

Writing dialogue in fiction and nonfiction is one of the most important elements in writing craft, and for many, it’s also one of the hardest. Its complexity is what makes it so challenging; to be successful, it must move the story forward, deepen character, spark and maintain tension, sound natural but not too natural, and illuminate all that isn’t said.

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Thanksgiving cranberries and assorted green branches in glass bottle on wood table

In Gratitude of Cranberry Jelly

Thanksgiving: when the cranberry jelly becomes a connector between the present and the past. Written by Milda DeVoe, founding director of non-profit organization Pen Parentis: for writers who are parents.

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Part 5: Lay the Words, Make a Pattern, Get the First Draft Done

Here we have our next instalment of the blog series for entrepreneurs and small business owners: How To Write a Business Book. In Part 5, your head is down, your fingers are flying, and you’re deep in the writing. This is the vital first step toward taking your dream of having book to support and further your business and turning it into a reality.

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Part 4: Writing a Business Book- How to Get Started

Getting started on writing a book for your business sounds easy in theory, but when you get down to the writing itself, it can be more difficult than imagined. Yet with a bit of planning, coming to a working outline, getting your bum in the chair, and giving yourself some tools to keep writing when the writing gets tough will ensure you soon will be writing a book to support and grow your business.

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