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Write Your Way to Wellness

When your mind is full and your schedule packed, the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, and spirit is to write. Read about how you can write your way to wellness so you start feeling whole, motivated, and strong in no time!

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Do Deadlines or Daily Writing Make You a Better Writer?

Many people feel having a deadline is the single best thing to make you a better writer: you’re motivated to produce, you strive to entertain and inform in new and dynamic ways, and you churn out work you didn’t even know you had in you by a specific time. Yet as many folks believe a steady writing practice is what produces work of quality and depth and helps writers maintain their focus through consistently developing their ideas. So which is it?

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How To Turn “Mistakes” Into Your Best Writing

We’ve all experienced it – you’re working away on a project and realize after several paragraphs have gone by that you veered substantially off course. Rather than get frustrated at the loss of time or wasted effort at making such a “mistake,” instead, turn your perspective upside down and celebrate it! Such creative mistakes may not be fruitful immediately, but in the long term, they always show you the true energy of your project or become excellent material for another.

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How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Writing

Do you hold onto your best material, thinking that once you use it, you can’t write about it again? If so, here’s some great news: not only can you write about the same theme, topic, characters, settings, and general ideas over and over to get the most mileage out of your writing, but you can repurpose your content into all manner of other work. When you use your writing as a launching pad for yet more writing, you’ll have a near endless resource of options for future publications!

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In Praise of Writing on Index Cards

Some writers love the bells and whistles of online writing apps, but many find staying simple is best. There’s much to praise about writing on index cards for organizing your ideas, mapping out a project, and feeling connected to the process..

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Doodles: The Best Way to “Write Not Write”

Need a break from your writing? Try doodles: the best way to “write not write.” Playing with other creative forms is guaranteed to loosen your blocks, open up your flow, and reinvigorate your soul and spirit so you can get back to writing every time!

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