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Developmental Feedback Is A Road Map For Revision

Developmental Feedback is the comprehensive editorial letter and manuscript margin notes an editor makes on your manuscript. When you’re ready to get a complete and thorough read on your work, developmental feedback provides a road map to help you see your writing anew, so you can prepare it for distribution or publication.

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The Best 3 Techniques to Rewrite Your First Draft

For many writers, the bridge from a first draft to rewriting a short story or novel is long, shaky, and leads to an uncertain destination. Rather than despair, use these 3 techniques (and watch the video below!) to rewrite your first draft, and you will be able to successfully prepare it for publication!

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Part 11: The 2 Best Nonfiction Book Revision Strategies

When you’re writing a nonfiction book (or any book, article, essay, or blog), you need to bridge the first messy draft to the publishable draft with revisions: the middle drafts of your book that you “re-see” in order to tighten, refine, and heighten the structure, form, and function of the work. These 2 revision techniques are incredible for getting the job done (nearly) painlessly.

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