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Tag: novel writing

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The Best 4-Step Process for Editing Your Manuscript on Paper

You may rely on your tech for most everything you do with your writing, but when it comes to editing your manuscript, editing on paper is still the best method. By using the below 4-step process for editing your manuscript on paper with our FREE checklist, you’re putting your book in the best possible position for success!

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In What Ways Is Writing a Novel Like Losing 55 Pounds? All of Them

Are you tired of not writing your novel? Want to get the junk out of your trunk? Stop torturing yourself by trying to do it alone and instead get yourself into a program that takes care of all the details, so you can focus on what matters: writing your novel. You may have never thought that writing a novel is like losing 55 pounds (or any pounds), but in fact they are similar in every way.

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