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Part 12: How to Edit Your Nonfiction Book Down to Size

You’ve worked very hard on your nonfiction book manuscript and put in everything you felt would be valuable. Now it’s too long, so the next step is learning how to part ways with your material and edit your nonfiction book down to size so you end up with a clean lean nonfiction book your readers will appreciate.

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Part 11: The 2 Best Nonfiction Book Revision Strategies

When you’re writing a nonfiction book (or any book, article, essay, or blog), you need to bridge the first messy draft to the publishable draft with revisions: the middle drafts of your book that you “re-see” in order to tighten, refine, and heighten the structure, form, and function of the work. These 2 revision techniques are incredible for getting the job done (nearly) painlessly.

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Part 7: The Anatomy of a Nonfiction Book Outline

We’re inching toward greatness: we’ve reached Part 7 in our long-form blog series about writing a book for your business.

The series explores actionable steps and insights for how you can turn the work you do in your business into a saleable book.

New to the series? Begin here with Part 1.

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