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Do You Need an MFA to Write a Novel?

A long-held belief continues to pervade emerging writers’ thinking: if you want to become a writer, earning an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) is essential. Yet while an MFA is valuable for many reasons, if your goal is to write a novel (or other long-form book project), an MFA may be overkill, sideline you from your goal, and put you into debt for many years. Since mentor support, literary education, and peer connection can be found in private writing programs — for a fraction of the cost and in ways that may ultimately suit your writing goals more personally and relevantly than a university degree program— it’s worth examining your priorities before going back to school and asking, “Do you need an MFA to write a novel?”

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“MFA Alternative”: the Best Option for Busy Writers

The MFA is largely viewed as the best way to get a serious writing education, but not all writers can put their life on hold for two (or more) years to earn the degree. Luckily, there are fantastic alternative ways to receive dynamic instruction, peer support, and customized mentorship: a build-your-own “MFA Alternative.”

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