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The Art of Not Thinking: How to Write Your First Draft

Don’t think when you write your first draft? That’s counter to everything you know to be true about being a business owner! The art of not thinking may be a counter-intuitive approach to writing your first draft, but it’s the best way to get the first draft down. Read on to learn about how to write your first draft to ultimately yield the best material in the book you create for your business.

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Part 4: Writing a Business Book- How to Get Started

Getting started on writing a book for your business sounds easy in theory, but when you get down to the writing itself, it can be more difficult than imagined. Yet with a bit of planning, coming to a working outline, getting your bum in the chair, and giving yourself some tools to keep writing when the writing gets tough will ensure you soon will be writing a book to support and grow your business.

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Part 2: The Benefits of Writing a Business Book

The benefits of writing a business book are many and wide-reaching. Not one aspect of your business goes unaffected when you write a book and the growth, increased standing in the community, personal reputation, and higher sales are the proof that the time and energy you put into writing a business book was well worth it.

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