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Publishing Consultation

support, guidance, and insights to help you with all the writing you do

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Our editors will consult with you about what your goals and needs are for your book manuscript and help you target specific and appropriate self-publishing houses.

Determine whether you wish to aim for a DIY platform such as KDP for Amazon or a hybrid press, create a custom spreadsheet to keep organized, ensure your book is properly formatted for print and e-book, and more ~

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Today’s publishing landscape is a bit of a minefield; traditional publishing, particular with one of the “Big 5” is a lengthy process requiring that you secure a literary agent, sell the book, and undergo a minimum of 1.5 years of edits, red tape, and other work before your book hits the shelf.

There is no question that traditional publishing is still an incredible option for many writers and an excellent goal to have, but it is wise to know all of the variables that go into the process, what’s required of you, the timeline, and work you’ll be putting in to go this venerable route.

A second tier of publishing with independent or university press is an extremely attractive option for writers who wish to aim for traditional publishing but without as much corporate influence, loss of creative control, and time.

Thirdly, many authors nowadays choose to self-publish their books. This is an exciting option that enables you to maintain all of the creative control over your project, earn far higher royalties per book, cut the time involved down to a fraction of what it is for traditional publishing, and market your book on your terms.

In all cases, writers are largely tasked with doing their own promotion, and we’re happy to help you design a plan from big-picture down to grassroots efforts to help you keep organized and find effective ways to meet your readership.

Purchase the block of time you’d like to begin with, and you and your coach can hunker down and get you on a great track with your book’s future!

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