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Writing a Business Book Is The Best Way to Grow Your Business

Ready to see increased income, new opportunities, and broader audience reach with your business? See why writing a business book is going to give you all of that- and so much more.

The single best and more effective thing you can do to grow, earn more, and establish your credibility is writing a business book that supports what you do and serves your clients.

As I talk about in a January 2021 feature article in Forbes Magazine, writing a business, self-development, or self-help book brings about massive reward on business, financial, and personal levels both right away and for the long term.

A business book shows the world you- as a business owner, entrepreneur, or thought leader- are a specialist in your field, allows you to reach a far broader audience, opens numerous doors for engagement and income, and earns you respect, higher fees for your work, and deep personal satisfaction.

Writing a business book launches any business owner into far greater success than they had prior to writing the book. Period.  

Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner was speaking the truth when she said entrepreneurs are “the only people who work 80 hour weeks to avoid working 40 hour weeks.” 

You work as hard as you do because it is rewarding to help your clients and customers and change their lives for the better; you also strive to grow in order to serve yet more people, earn a higher income, and gain greater respect in your field and community.

While your day-to-day work is important and necessary, however, and it does bring about growth, if you want to exponentially ramp things up for your business and for you as its owner, you will stop, consider your subject, and begin writing your business book today.

How does Writing a Business Book Boost Your Business?

Increased Business Value

Respect from Peers, Colleagues, and Clients

Writing a book instantly teaches the world that you mean business with your business, and as such, they perceive you as having higher authority and worthy of respect over those in your industry who have not written books.

Gone will be the tire kickers or those clients who ghost you before payment is due; instead, only those who are ready and committed to working with a high-level specialist will come to your door.

You will also command a higher rate for your services commensurate with the fact that you’re a published author, and your new quality clients will be glad to pay it, knowing they’ll be working with someone at the top of their field.

Broadened Reach & Opportunities

A published book in any form (e-book, self-published, or traditionally published) opens doors to numerous off-shoot opportunities such as podcast and print interviews, media exposure, guest blogs, speaking engagements, panel discussions, book clubs, university teaching, and much more. Any time you wish to publish an article or additional books, collaborate with other elite-level professionals, or gain entrance into any new opportunity, all you have to do is brandish your book, and instantly you’re regard that much more highly.

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New Income Streams

In addition to the new income opportunities, the book also easily lends itself to courses, seminars, webinars, and corporate trainings, all of which create incredible revenue that can be earned in perpetuity.

The book itself is also going to generate income, and subsequent updates to keep the content current and relevant will ensure you’re continually curating readership and making the marketing far easier.

Personal Reward

Helping people

Studies have shown that those who are in service to others and in a position of giving see massive increases of dopamine in the brain, which in turn makes them happier overall and better able to serve their families and communities.

It is personally rewarding to support clients and customers one-on-one and watch them transform along with your guidance. When you distill your body of knowledge into a book, you’re positioned to help a far greater number of people achieve clarity, healing, insight, and overall new mindsets and behaviours, who then turn around and positively contribute to those in their circle.

Gratitude and Paying It Forward

When you consider all of the books you’ve read that have been meaningful to you, given you solace, information, and the opportunity to grow, you’re grateful. Your life is so much richer and fuller because of the books you’ve consumed.

Gratitude is another dopamine generator, and yet another way to engender goodwill that radiates outward and keeps on giving. You’re now in the position to be the book that gives to someone. What power there is in knowing you’re paying it forward this way.


Opportunity to Grow

Recognizing you are the product of all the books you have written, your book will also reference other resources, colleagues’ research, or ideas in circulation in your field. Having a built-in opportunity to support your own knowledge with additional resources is an excellent way of giving yourself a crash course in broadening your existing capabilities and staying current.

Banishing Impostor Syndrome

Even those business owners or thought leaders who have been doing what they do for years still experience impostor syndrome every now and again. While feeling like we’re not up to snuff feels bad and vulnerable, it’s actually good to question ourselves once in a while because fear pushes us to continue to educate ourselves and improve.

Writing a book means you are the one people are reading in order to broaden their minds and increase their awareness. (You can go ahead and stand tall. As Leigh Shine says in her compelling list of reasons entrepreneurs should write books, “You wrote the book on it!”) You’re the one changing their lives, one chapter at a time. Seeing your ideas lay out on the page with authority is a wonderful way to reinforce you’re doing the right thing and in a power position to effect change.

Are there any drawbacks to writing a book for your business?

Not a one. It is work- like everything you do- but the payoff is immense.

The real question to come next is when will you write yours?

When you’re ready to make launch your business into a higher category of growth, income, and prestige, check out our Write Your Business Book in 4 Months Program.

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Built to maximize your tight schedule, this comprehensive program supports you with a dedicated mentor, lessons that show you how to write your book and what to include, resources, and a customized writing schedule. We provide you with everything you need, so all you have to do is fill in the dots. In 4 months, you have a completed first draft of your book and from there, it’s a fast track to publication.

To help you dive into this important work, download our FREE Business Book Planning Worksheet. This worksheet guides you through the preliminary work of determining what the book will be about, who your audience is, and how you would organize the project.

From there, you will receive additional emails that support you with beginning your book from time management tips to why connecting with a mentor or fellow writer is the key way to maintain your writing all the way through to publication.

Reach Out to Chat!

And if you’d like to talk about your book and any reservations you have about writing it, we’re always here for you. Enjoy a free consultation with us at any time- we’re always happy to chat about supporting writers.

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